Solo Road Trips: What's The Worst That Could Happen?

Solo Road Trips: What's The Worst That Could Happen?

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll already know a thing or two about the joys of solo travel. When women travel alone, they take their independence to new levels. This becomes even more poignant when you consider that women didn’t have the option to embark on experiences like these once. In many countries, they still don’t. If you haven’t done the solo travel thing already then, it’s about time you booked yourself up.

But, that leads us to the different types of solo trips we take. For some, the chance to visit new countries alone is the best thing of all. Others still (remember Kirstin Dunst In Elizabethtown?) rave about the benefits of taking a great road trip on your tod.

The main benefit of this option is that it’s accessible. Dunst’s character recommended a 41-hour solo trip behind the wheel. That’s easy enough to fit into even the busiest lives. Women afraid to book a flight may be more willing to hit to the roads in their home country.

But, that’s not to say trips like these don’t come with a fair few fears. If you’re putting off even taking to the road solo, it’s past time you put your worries aside by reading on.

You get lost

Any first-time road-tripper will fear getting lost. This only worsens as a woman, where stopping cars and asking for help becomes risky. But, there is such a thing as sat nav nowadays. And, okay, it doesn’t have quite the same appeal as Dunst’s road trip scrapbook, but you can bet it’ll get you where you need to be. Even if your sat nav takes you off route, embracing the risk of getting lost can enhance your experience. You can always get yourself back on track later. But, why not continue and see where you end up? They say you find the best things when you’re lost.

You crash

Few things could be worse for a road trip than crashing your car. Obviously. But, even this shouldn’t be enough to stop you going. There are always ways around the issue. By looking up numbers for lawyers like those found at Sachs Waldman before you go, you’ll be able to take action straight away if something does happen. For the most part, though, you’ll find being sensible and limiting your hours on the road will keep you safe as houses...or cars.

You run out of gas

It may be less obvious, but many of us also fear running out of gas along the way. This is especially the case for those going off the beaten track. To this, we say only that the solution is glaring you in the face. All you need to do is fill up containers with fuel before heading off on the longest stretches of your trip. It’s also worth planning out the mileage between gas stations so that you can really put those fears to bed.

Now; stop making excuses and get on the road, already.

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