How To Pack for a Fall City Break

How To Pack for a Fall City Break

If you feel under the weather and don’t want to give in to the dark dull days yet, you might need a city break away from it all to recharge your batteries before the winter. A romantic city like Rome or Paris might do, but if you haven’t been to some of the underrated European capitals such as Budapest and Prague yet, it might be time to pack your bags and make the most out of the fall. Below you will find a few tips on how to pack for a fall city break.

Limit the Number of Gadgets

The first thing you need to consider when packing for a city break is the space you have and the ease of getting through security at the airport. If you have a laptop, tablet, digital camera, and phone, you will have to remove them all from your bag, as they all have batteries. For just a few days, you might be better off with a smart phone only, to download city guides, and take photos.

Stay Flexible

It is also important that you stay flexible when it comes to your itinerary. While you might spend time researching your destination and the weather, there will be surprises. Pack a few jumpers and cardigans but also short sleeved outfits and shorts in case you get lucky and the weathers treats you right. Focus on smart accessories and shop around at John Henric US for smart scarves you can wear on cold days and nights.

Take Swimming Costumes for Spas

If you are visiting Budapest or other Central European cities, you will want to take advantage of the spas available in the region. Having a sauna treatment is a good way of warming up when it is cold and windy out there. You can also visit ancient spas when traveling to Italy and there might be some boutique hotels offering a great wellness service at your destination.  


Rain is something you need to be prepared for when traveling in the fall. Make sure that you have a larger bag you can put this in, along with your umbrella. A raincoat will be useful when you are roaming the streets and get caught up in a shower, or if you are planning outdoor programs. You can get a compact version that fits in your pocket, so you can pack your bags sensibly.

Sensible Walking Shoes

When you are on a city break, you are likely to walk more than usual, so high heeled sandals will not do. Whether you pack comfortable loafers or converses, you need to break them in first, or you will suffer while sightseeing. Consider waterproof shoes as well, in case it gets too wet outside.

Having a short city break in the fall is a good way of recharging your batteries and improving your mood. You can also catch the last of the sun if you plan to visit Southern Europe. Pack sensibly and make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing, come rain or shine.

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