The Forgotten Art of the Great American Road Trip

The Forgotten Art of the Great American Road Trip

For whatever reason, road trips have been falling out of style for a while now. Perhaps it’s due to the accessibility and ease of travelling via plane now, or maybe it’s just far too much effort to drive across the country and pass through several states. Whatever the reason, the great American road trip has been pushed aside for other convenient holidays and methods of travel.

Yet, there are still countless families across the nation that still indulge in this relaxing and explorative holiday choice. Why, then, does it seem to be so unpopular compared to other holidays? It’s all because people are scared.


The fear of the road trip

Many people fear road trips. Sometimes the fear is warranted. For instance, no one wants to be lost in the middle of Route 66, stranded because they forgot to top up at the most recent gas station. However, that will only happen if you fail to plan your road trip correctly.

Let’s face it, not everyone understands how a road trip works and they usually don’t plan enough before they decide to set off on the road. Much like any other holiday, a road trip requires ample planning and discussion before you head onto the road. Although it’s an explorative holiday where you get to experience things you don’t normally see, it doesn’t mean you go in without a plan just to get lost.

Break out of this fear of road trips by planning ahead of time. You wouldn’t book a holiday without booking hotel tickets or planning a place to stay, so why would you do the same for a road trip? Whether it’s looking for a Quality Inn to stay at during your road trip or looking for unique places to stop for a bite to eat, make sure you’ve your research and you’ll find there’s nothing to be afraid of on a road trip.


Use technology to improve your experience

American road trips used to require great big maps and a lot of up-to-date knowledge about an area before it became fun. However, thanks to modern advances, mobile internet technology and smartphones, we no longer need to be truckers or road trip experts to have fun.

Your phone can act as a wonderful alternative to a GPS device that will prevent you from getting lost. As long as you pack a battery bank (or two) with you to give it enough juice, it will make your travels safer because you remove the risk of getting lost or stranded with no means of communication. Not only does it improve the safety of your journey, but it also adds a bit of entertainment. Our smartphones, tablets and laptops are brilliant entertainment devices that can help ease the boredom of driving long stretches of road. As long as you don’t distract yourself with games or movies while you drive, it will make the long journeys a little less boring.


Final words

Road trips are falling out of style, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fun or enjoyable anymore. It’s a forgotten art, but it still remains a traditional American holiday that deserves more attention.

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