Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves: Look After Each Other On A Night Out

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves: Look After Each Other On A Night Out

Enjoying a night out should be full of fun and not involve any negativity at all. Unfortunately, though, sometimes spending a night out on the town isn’t as always as safe as you might like it to be. Sadly, this is often more of a problem for girls than it is for boys, as they are targeted a lot more often by a variety of unsavoury types.

But that is no reason for you to never go out again. After all, if you don’t go out because you are scared to, then it’s a sign that the bad guys have won. But that’s also no reason to be unsafe whenever you are out in bars and clubs. In fact, staying safe is something that you and all your girlfriends should work together on. Here are some great tips that can help you all look after one another on your next big night out.

Go Home Together

One of the most dangerous times for girls while they are out is the journey home. That’s because most girls tend to split up and head to their own home on their own. That’s a bad idea, though, as walking on your own will make you an easy target for muggers and assaulters. In the event that you are mugged on your journey home, you will need to call Justin Campbell or a similar law firm that can help represent you in court and get you any compensation you are entitled to. But one way to completely prevent his from happening is to just go home together. At the very least, you should leave the club or bar in pairs. You can always stay the night at someone’s if you live far away from one another.

Watch Each Other’s Drinks

One of the biggest crimes that happens in bars and clubs is drink spiking. This is when someone slips a drug into someone else’s drink in an attempt to take advantage of them once the drug’s effect’s take hold. Because the risk of spiked drinks is very high, it’s worth keeping an eye on everyone’s drinks as best you can. If one of the girls heads to the toilet, you should look after her glass for her so that there is no risk of anyone slipping anything in while she isn’t looking. In fact, it is usually safer to drink out of bottles if you can. That’s because the thin neck makes it difficult for things to be slipped into the drink.

Spot The Main Exits As Soon As You Enter A Venue

As soon as you enter a venue like a bar or a club, it’s important that you quickly assess where the main exits are. In most public venues, there will be at least two exits that will be well signed. Even though the risk of an emergency, such as a fire, is low, it’s still necessary to know your escape routes.

Take Someone Home If They Get Too Drunk

It’s best to go easy on the alcoholic drinks, but if someone were to get too excited and carried away, they could end up too drunk too quickly. If this happens to one of your friends, it’s best that someone accompanies her home as soon as possible, even if it still is only early into the night. It’s much better that they get to bed in plenty of time so that they have enough time to sleep the drink off. Plus, it ensures that they are safe in their inebriated safe. If they were to stay out with you later into the night, they could very quickly become the target of muggers and assaulters.

Keep An Eye On Each Other’s Belongings

It’s not just your drinks that you need to watch carefully. You should also keep a watchful eye on everyone’s bags and coats. Thankfully, most bars and clubs will have cloakrooms where you can drop everything off at the start of the night. This keeps them safe and away from any potential thieves. However, not all bars have cloakrooms, and in this case, you will need to watch all your belongings yourselves. Ideally, someone should stay with them while the others go off to hit the dancefloor. If the dancefloor isn’t too busy, you might even be able to put them on it and dance around them. Generally speaking, the coats and bags will always need to be in someone’s eye view, so that you can instantly see if anyone who shouldn’t tries to go through everything.

Have Everyone’s Phone Number Saved

Once you have all gathered at the start of the night, you should make sure that everyone has each other’s mobile phone number as stored in their phones. This ensures that everyone is able to contact each other if they need to. In the event that someone were to go missing or your group gets split up, you will need to phone each other to find out where the missing individual or the rest of the group are.

Take Things Slow

Once you do head out for the night, it’s best to take things slow and don’t rush any of your drinks. Rushing will only cause you to get very drunk very early in the night. You will then lose all your inhibitions, and might not notice someone going through your bag or trying to slip something into your drink. So, take your drinks nice and slow so that you can keep your wits about you.

Walk With Your Keys In Your Hands

Generally speaking, it’s always best to get a taxi home or to take public transport. If that isn’t possible, though, and you need to try to stay as safe as possible while walking at night. Obviously, walking in a group will keep you safe. It’s also advisable to hold your keys in your hand too, so that you can use them as a weapon if ever necessary.

Follow these tips and you should be super safe on all future nights out!

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