Ensuring Nothing Sabotages Your Next Holiday

Ensuring Nothing Sabotages Your Next Holiday


Even the most seasoned travelers and expert suitcase packers can be faced with unexpected challenges when abroad. Read on to ensure that the following three things don’t sabotage your next holiday.


Unexpected weather

Unexpected weather can sabotage every facet of your holiday if you’re not prepared for it. When it comes to your accommodation, you need to be choosing somewhere that is protected from the elements. This goes for whether they’re hot or cold! Novel accommodation is all fun and games until an unexpected cold snap arrives and you’re shivering in your sleep. That being said, don’t discount certain types because you presume they won’t be well-insulated or cool. Northern Lights glamping, for example, might sound like the ultimate chilly experience. However, as long as there is heating inside the tent or dome, you’ll be fine.

Next, consider how weather could ruin the activities you have planned. While there isn’t anything you can do to alter the weather, you can make alternative arrangements. So, for every thing you plan that relies on the weather, arrange an alternative.

Finally, your packing. Even if you’re headed to a hot place, pack a warm cardigan and a pair of leggings alongside your bikinis. Boat rides, night time beach strolls and airport lounges might be colder than you had imagined.


Noise disturbance

If you’re going on holiday for peace and quiet, the last thing you’ll want is screaming children around. You also won’t want building works or yelling from the restaurant your bedroom is over!

The best way to ensure you won’t be disturbed is to research thoroughly the place you are headed. If you want to avoid children or are on a romantic break or your Honeymoon, pick an adults-only resort. If you want to avoid neighbours, head to a private villa or room set away from the main resort. And if you want to avoid noise from the staff, ask for a room that is on a top-floor, and away from the main hub of the resort.


Roaming charges

Nothing ruins a holiday much more than coming home to find you’ve been charged hundreds when you weren’t expecting it. It’s even worse when it’s for something that you didn’t need to spend much on at all; like your mobile phone.

Even if you’re super careful, you can sometimes get caught out. Depending on where your holiday is, different charges will apply. Your provider might protect you from extortionate charges in certain countries but not others. If you do get a huge bill, there are some instances where they will refund you. However, this is the exception rather than the rule.

Counteract this by contacting your provider from home, before you leave. Ask them to point you to the right part of your contract that explains any fees. Get anything they say down in writing. If they were wrong or inaccurate with their information, you’ll greatly struggle to prove this if you only spoke on the phone.

If you need to be checking in on emails when you’re away, find a destination with a strong and reliable WIFI connection. Do be aware, however, that some places charge for you to use their connection anywhere other than the main reception.

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