Unique Travel Ideas for Your Honeymoon

Unique Travel Ideas for Your Honeymoon

by Bree Allen

With the world at your fingertips and infinite ways to forge your dream honeymoon, the planning process can be overwhelming in the most exciting way! Of course that makes it difficult to focus a strong amount of attention on the honeymoon while trying to balance wedding arrangements and real life at the same time. If you and your loved one are having a hard time deciding on a destination or want a less traditional honeymoon, these ideas should help point you in the right direction!



Beautiful Bora Bora



Romantic beach sunsets, warm waters, and minimal clothing make island destinations perfect for most couples. If you want these island perks with more privacy, Bora Bora is the perfect honeymoon spot. The island is small and you can fly or take a boat to the surrounding islets that offer more seclusion. The popular overwater bungalows offer even more privacy and can fit any kind of budget you have set.



As far as activities go, there’s something for everyone on this spectacular little island! If outdoor adventure is your jam, take a  guided hike to the top of Mount Pahia to get a once-in-a-lifetime view. Since the island is surrounded by coral reefs, you can either snorkel by yourself or take a guided boat tour to swim with sharks and manta rays!




Surfing in Hainan, China


Also known as China’s own Hawaii, this is a fantastic honeymoon spot if you’re an adventure-seeking couple. Surfing is extremely popular in Hainan and plenty of lessons are available for first-timers. Aside from your typical beach adventures like surfing and snorkeling, bike rentals and guided hikes are also available.



If a luxurious beachside resort or hotel is a must, there are plenty along the coast here. The lush rainforest also offers more affordable backpacking hostels and a few fancy hut-style hotels if you wish to venture into the mountains during your stay.



Love and Sustainability in Costa Rica



The promise to become a carbon-neutral country by 2020 makes Costa Rica the perfect destination if you want to make ecotourism an essential part of your honeymoon. Most of the travel industry promotes sustainable practices such as that of protecting the environment, supporting the local economy, and protecting the local culture. The goal is to travel with a holistic perspective; meaning that you’re conscious of of your actions and act in a way that won’t destroy or degrade the environment and culture. There are plenty of hiking guides and tour companies that fully support this way of traveling, so you’ll have many activities to choose from!




Cozy Cabin in Alaska



While islands are typically the most popular honeymoon destinations, the beautiful mountains and coastlines of Alaska hold a unique charm. You’ll see incredible wildlife and can escape to the secluded cabins in the Denali National Park where snuggling up by the fire will occupy your evenings. Outdoor activities are huge here, so you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to take romantic hikes or bike through the mountains and along the coastline. If seeing the Northern Lights is on your bucket list, plan your honeymoon between September or April for the best viewing.



Choose an Event    



Honeymoons are usually destination-focused, but have you thought about attending an event instead? Burning Man, for example, is a ten day music and arts festival in the middle of the Black Rock Desert with 60,000 attendees. While it’s definitely not an event for the faint of heart, more adventurous couples may find the culture to be exhilarating and exciting, which manifests itself in naked people riding bikes and an overwhelming amount of unique art styled in cars, costumes, and sculptures. This is an extreme example of course, but there are plenty of other cultural events or festivals you could attend for this occasion such as Holi in India, Running of the Bulls in Spain, or even Mardi Gras.


As you’re making honeymoon plans, remember that this vacation is a celebration of your dedication to each other. Make it memorable, remember to have fun, take too many pictures, and venture out of  your comfort zones together.



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