7 Things Switzerland Is Famous For

7 Things Switzerland Is Famous For

Switzerland is a small country located in the Western and Central Europe. In spite of its size, the country has got plenty to offer. It is loved by tourists for the astonishing natural heritage of lakes and mountains. The country is also the leader in several global markets and a birthplace of successful products. ‘Swiss’ has become a synonym for quality, elegance and beauty when talking about certain things. Let's look at seven of them today.




Switzerland has got a rich history of chocolate making. Its routes are traced back to the 17th century. Since then the industry has evolved significantly into a true art of chocolate making. The country is best known for its milk chocolates. If you are planning to go to Switzerland, do not miss the opportunity to treat yourself with a bar of the highest quality chocolate!



Swiss watches are known to be a symbol of luxury and status. They provide with the ultimate quality, attractive design and reliable brand history. Swiss watch makers are often the ones to introduce the latest technology innovations. They do it without losing the classic note of its products.



The greatest mountain range in Europe provides Switzerland with breathtaking scenery. It has also made it possible for the country’s skiing traditions to be born. Its snowy resorts are much appreciated by the sport’s enthusiasts. Luxury Hotels in Switzerland offer impeccable hospitality services throughout the whole year. After spending a day enjoying the fun in the snow, you can relax with a glass of wine while gazing at the view over the mountains.



Only a slice of excellent cheese could make that treat any better. Good news is that Swiss can offer this as well! The country is known for its quality cheeses. It is even joked around that it is hard to find food in Switzerland that is not covered by cheese.



Switzerland is well known for its unique bank system. It is illegal for the country’s banks to provide third parties with client data. It includes government requests. For this reason, Swiss banks are often chosen for high-profile tax avoidance and other schemes.


Non-interference policy

Switzerland is also known to have stayed out of wars for hundreds of years while the rest of us have been spilling blood. It is due to its non-interference policy. Instead of fighting, the country has established the international medical institution named Red Cross. It is aimed to help people suffering from war and diseases across the world.



There are 46 railway companies in Switzerland. The central train system in the country is established very well. It is appreciated by the locals and tourists as it is the best way to travel through the country. While Swiss enjoy the quick traveling, the tourists have the chance engage in some incredible scenery.

To sum up, Switzerland has proved that being a small country does not mean you always have to follow others. Remember the unique nature, high political character and appreciation of simple life's pleasures. These are the things that make Switzerland outstanding.

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