Be Your Own Wizard of Oz!

Be Your Own Wizard of Oz!

There is so much to see and do in the wonderful land of Australia, that can be impossible to fit it all in one trip. It can also seem pretty different to the place you are leaving behind. But, to make it all a little easier, below there are some handy hints and tips, that should help you get the absolute best out of the time you have here.


City Travel

Australia is known for its many vibrant and modern cities. But for those people that have flown to their destination, it can be tough getting around without their usual vehicle. One solution to this problem is to use the city's public transport systems. In some places, you will find buses to take you from place to place, and in others, you can get trams and trains as well.

These are so successful, as you can often get a daily or monthly pass that is way cheaper than paying for all of your journeys separately.  So it makes great financial sense to use this system.

Of course, it may be that you are going to several places that are not close to the public transport routes. If this is the case, it can be a genius idea to rent a smaller, economy sized car.

Small cars are great for city travel because they are so much easier to park and maneuver in all those tight spaces. They also cost way less to run that a great hulking four by four which you really don't need when you're driving on motorway and streets anyway!


Take advantage of the culture

Not just the surfer culture either. It can be all too easy for foreigners to have this view of Australia's that is all beachy hair, surfboards, pies, and Foster’s. While there are a few places like that, although no Aussie drinks Foster’s by the way, there is so much more to Australian culture than that.

For example, in the big cities like Melbourne and Sydney, you can check out classical concerts, galleries, and ballet.

Then there is the Aboriginal culture to explore such as Ayers Rock. You might even want to treat yourself to a bush walk and see how the first residents of this great country survived before colonization?


Food glorious food

Aussie cuisine perhaps has not always been the best reputation in the world, see the comment early about pies! But it actually gets a pretty bad wrap, and you would be missing out of a lot of deliciousness if you don't give it a serious go while you are here.

Remember that the seafood is amazing due to a large amount of coastline! Also, the proximity to Indonesia and Singapore means there is a thriving, fusion restaurant scene that just shouldn't be missed!


Plug it in

A useful practical tip for travels to Australia is that we don't use European plugs, or British ones or even American ones!  So make sure you get the proper adapter when you visit this fair land.

Otherwise, you will have nowhere to plug in your phone charger, and let's face it no one can survive without their phone these days!

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