Brewing Your Own Kombucha

Brewing Your Own Kombucha

With a growing movement and trend towards organic and healthy eating, kombucha has been a fan-favorite of mine since day one. I remember trying kombucha from a young age when my mother had brought home a bottle and I absolutely fell in love with its tangy, sparkling taste. A fermented drink, kombucha has become my go-to beverage for every season, and its health benefits are endless as it is filled with probiotics, electrolytes, and enzymes. However, drinking kombucha every day could potentially ransack your wallet. An easy solution is to make your own kombucha! 

Before we get started, it is very important to have access to a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). You can buy a SCOBY starter kit or ask a friend who regularly brews kombucha for a SCOBY (they will usually have plenty to share). 

So let’s get started! 

Step 1: Equipment and Ingredients Needed

What you will need for equipment: 

  • A gallon size glass container

  • A tight cheesecloth or paper coffee filter

  • Rubber bands to secure the cover of the jar

What you will need for ingredients: 

  • 15 cups of water

  • 8 tea bags

  • 1 cup of sugar

  • 2 ½ cups of starter tea

Step 2: Making the Kombucha

  1. Boil the water. After the water has reached a boiling point, take it off the stove and stir in the cup of sugar until the sugar dissolves. 

  2. Pour this mixture into the glass jar. 

  3. Put in the tea bags in the sugar water mixture to steep and cool the mixture to about room temperature. Tea bags will then be removed from the mixture depending on how strong you would like the tea to taste. Approximately 8-12 minutes should be good. 

  4. After removing the tea bags, add the 2 ½ cups of starter tea and the active kombucha SCOBY into the jar with the sugar tea mixture. 

  5. Cover the lid of the glass jar with a cloth and secure with a rubber band. 

Step 3: Wait and Watch the Magic Happen! 

  • Make sure to keep the kombucha jar undisturbed and out of direct sunlight. The kombucha should be around room temperature around 70-80°F. 

  • Allow the mixture to ferment for around 2-4 weeks but remember the longer it ferments, the more vinegary it will taste. 

ENJOY your homemade Kombucha Tea by drinking it plain or flavored with fruits!

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