Coordinating Jewelry With Any Outfit

Coordinating Jewelry With Any Outfit

Not all of us are natural fashionistas. Trying to coordinate a stunning outfit every day, no matter the occasion, can be a challenge, to say the least. There are lots of ways to dress up a regular outfit and make it the best it can be, and today we are going to take a look at some of the ways you can use jewellery to glam up all day every day. 

1. Match the occasion

You wouldn’t want to wear stylish handcrafted rings when going for a dog walk, and similarly, you wouldn’t want to wear a large costume necklace when wearing a classy dress for date night, When choosing jewellery for your outfit you need to consider different styles as well as the different materials and colours you wear. You can explore Tacori's stunning designs to find different forms of jewels which fit different occasions. 

2. Use colour rules 

The most simple rule you can use when choosing jewellery to match your outfit is the colour, Generally, when looking for what to wear with an outfit you can ask one question: what colour is the outfit? If you are wearing something which is a bright block colour or a bright pattern, you won’t want to pair this with colourful jewellery. However, if you are wearing something black and white, a bright coloured jewel can make a big impact on your outfit and add a touch of class and fun to it. 

3. Highlight the face 

If you are getting ready to go out for a party or an event, one of the features you will most likely want to flaunt is your face. Highlighting your face can be done in several different ways such as wearing your hair back from the face or choosing a bold lip; but there is also another way. Statement earrings can be ones which we don’t wear very often, however, these can be a great way to highlight the face and show off your cheekbones and eyes. Choose a colourful or oversized pair of earrings which will draw the eye upwards to the face and allow people to see you in all of your glory. 

4. Compliment your skin tone

One of the things which are often overlooked when choosing jewellery for your outfit is your skin tone. We all know that different skin tones suit different colours in clothes, but what about jewellery too? You can choose a colour to suit your skin from these common combinations:

  • Fair and cool-toned - red, green, purple and blue. Silver and white gold, as well as rose gold, work well with this skin tone. 

  • Dark or warm-toned - green, orange, pink and yellow. Gold and silver both work well with warmer skin tones. 

5. Mix warm and cool

Now that we have mentioned some of the skin tone colours which go well, we can think of mixing up combinations along with clothes to suit certain skin tones. For example, if you are a fair-skinned woman wearing a red dress, you can mix up this cool-toned style with a warm tones piece of jewellery such as a pink or orange necklace. This brings a new tone to the fray and it helps make a big difference overall.

6. Seaside theme

If you are choosing to wear clothes which are either sand or ocean coloured, the best thing you can do with your jewellery is to take some inspiration from the sea itself. Pearls and Mother of Pearl jewellery is beautiful and contains an iridescent mixture of pastel tones that work stunningly with these colours. Whenever wearing a certain colour, think of the theme you are going for and choose a piece of jewellery to go with it. Another great example would be wearing a leaf or palm print, and pairing this with either gold or rose gold which will show off the modern and millennial designs which have been made popular. 

7. Gold with monochrome 

When trying to make the most of jewellery with every outfit, a difficult tone to master is gold. A lot of people tend to avoid yellow gold as they are worried it will make them look cheap or old fashioned but this is not always the case. In fact, thin golden pieces can look amazing alongside boho-chic clothing, and they can also look great with linen pieces. As well as this, gold is always a winner when wearing either black or white. Black and white clothing is simple and timeless, and a pop of gold is always appreciated to layer on top of the plain tone.

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