Top Tips on Picking the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Top Tips on Picking the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Buying a pair of sunglasses can be considered as a good investment. Sunglasses are always in style, and can easily be a part of your fashion wardrobe due to how easy it is to fit with the rest of your daily attire. Another benefit of wearing sunglasses is that it protects the eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, easily making it one of the best accessories in terms of added value.

If you are buying sunglasses for yourself or sunglasses for someone else, here are a few things you need to consider to make that perfect purchase:

The Frame Style

Sunglasses come in different frame styles, and it’s important to understand how each kind of frame suits people’s faces. Generally speaking, there are three face shapes most people fall under: oval, square and heart-shaped. The frame style should be chosen depending on the face shape of who’s going to wear it.

People with oval-shaped faces should wear sunglasses with bolder frame styles, as their faces usually have soft features that need added focus. Oval-shaped faces often feature wide spaces near the upper portion of the face, so wearing frames with prominent features such as an edged bridge can help balance their look.

On the other hand, square-shaped faces don’t need any more projection because their facial features are already prominent. These people are often gifted with notable jawlines and distinguishable cheekbones that accentuate the contours of the face quite well.  As such, it is recommended to buy them soft-styled frames to complement the strong details on their faces. Soft styles include lighter colours on both the frame and shades, rimless designs and thinner frames.

Lastly, people whose faces resemble the shape of a heart should go for frames with bottom-heavy designs. Heart-shaped faces are called as such because of the arching attribute seen around their forehead areas, so wearing sunglasses that draw attention to the bottom part of the face will set up a good balance between their facial characteristics. 

The Frame Size

The frame size is important because its the main thing that stands between well-worn sunglasses and a pair that keeps falling off the wearer’s face. It’s just like when you are buying clothes: regardless of how much you like the design, at the end of the day, it will all be for naught if you can’t find one that fits your size perfectly. It is easy to ascertain the correct frame size if you are buying your own sunglasses because you can just drop by a store and try the pairs on yourself. However, if you are looking to buy for someone else, you will need to make sure you know his or her right size.

When buying sunglasses for another person, it would be best to ask him or her directly about the frame size, as well as any other design preferences he or she might have. If it’s a surprise, you can ask the recipient’s close friends instead to get the necessary information without spoiling the event.

The Primary Purpose

There are different kinds of sunglasses for various purposes, so it’s imperative that you know what the wearer’s main reason for using sunglasses is. For instance, if you are looking to get someone a pair of sunglasses because they strongly want to protect their eyes from the sun, then you will need to prioritize models that offer a strong ultraviolet defence. A common misconception among buyers is that darker shades protect better against the sun, but that’s not necessarily the case. Instead, look for models with a tag or sticker indicating 100% blocking of ultraviolet radiation. Keep in mind as well that bigger sunglasses can cover a lot more area and therefore protect better against ultraviolet rays, so you might want to consider going for wrap-around styles or oversized frames.

If you buy sunglasses for someone who will use it for outdoor activities like cycling, then you will need to look for material that is both sturdy and resistant to heat conditions. Titanium frames can be considered if the sunglasses will often be subjected to extreme temperatures, and it’s also highly resistant to corrosion making it ideal for wearing even if it’s raining. If the wearer often gets his or her sunglasses scratched or bruised, polycarbonate frames might be more suitable due to its high flexibility and durability.

There are also sunglasses manufactured to serve multiple purposes at once. For example, there are sunglasses which are made mainly for ultraviolet protection, but with lenses modified specifically so that the wearer’s clarity of vision is not compromised at all. This type of sunglasses is usually equipped with high-grade optic lenses, so expect a hefty price tag if that’s what you are looking for.

You want to make sure that your purchase is well worth your money, so take time to research and understand the differences between each style and material used. Identify which features you are looking to prioritize before buying. Remember that different kinds of material have varying effects on the performance of the frames and the lenses, so plan accordingly.

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