Walk Or Run Outdoors? 5 Essential Safety Tips For Fall

Walk Or Run Outdoors? 5 Essential Safety Tips For Fall

There are a variety of ways to improve and maintain your fitness, but walking and running outdoors remain the primary choice for most of us. After all, it’s far more entertaining to walk or run in nature than on a static treadmill. It’s cheaper too, as there’s no need to pay for an expensive gym membership. What’s more, there are also benefits to benefits to exercising outdoors that can give your health a boost in a way that working at home, or in a gym, simply can’t.

However, with the change of seasons, exercising outdoors has undeniably become a touch more difficult than it once was. To ensure your safety and well-being is assured when walking or running outdoors, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind…

1) Always check what time sunset is

Although the nights have been getting longer since the end of June, most of us only tend to really notice this when September sets in. As a result, if you’re heading out after work, it’s sensible to check what time sunset is to ensure you don’t get caught far from home when the light is fading.

2) Wear reflective clothing

Even if you’re going to be out well before sunset, it’s still important to wear reflective clothing, as rain, mud, fog, and overcast skies can also impact visibility for drivers. Both runners and general pedestrians are frequently hit while walking or running, by vehicles whose drivers could not see clearly due to the conditions, and reflective clothing is one of the best ways to prevent against such a problem.

3) Check the tread on your walking shoes or sneakers

In addition to causing visibility problems for drivers, the rainy days of fall are also problematic for you as an individual. The biggest concern is fallen leaves; when wet, a standard walking path or running route can quickly resemble an ice rink, so you need to ensure that the tread on your walking shoes or sneakers is in good condition.

4) Plan your route to allow for rain shelter opportunities

There’s nothing like a pleasant evening stroll in fall; you admire the beauty of nature, the smell of the fresh air… until you get soaked to the skin by a sudden passing raincloud. Unfortunately, this scenario is incredibly likely at this time of year, so it’s helpful to plan your route to ensure there are shelter options available if the skies do open.

5) Wrap up warm

Many of us assume that as we will be exercising, there’s no need to be overly concerned about wrapping up warm. While there is some truth to this - especially if you intend to run rather than walk - your extremities, such as your fingers and toes, will still be vulnerable to the cold. As a result, a thick pair of socks and protective gloves can help to keep you comfortable while exercising outdoors.

In conclusion

With the tips above in mind, you can be sure that exercising outdoors throughout fall will be nothing but a pleasant, enjoyable experience - enjoy!

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