Safety Essentials for Your Baby

Safety Essentials for Your Baby

When you are expecting a baby, there’s a lot that you need to buy and prepare. You can spend a fortune on things like clothes and toys that never end up getting used. Many of the things that you buy aren’t necessary, and a lot of packages never even get opened, and most of us buy a lot more than we really need. When it comes to safety, however, is there such a thing as too much?

Keeping your new baby safe will be your primary consideration. In fact, keeping your child safe in any given situation will be your primary concern for many years to come. Your worries about them will change, but they’ll always be there. You’ll still do all that you can to keep them protected and safe from harm. Let’s take a look at some of the all-important safety essentials for those first few years with your baby.

A Car Seat

A good car seat should be top of your list. Even if you don’t have a car yourself, and your baby will only take the occasional trip in a car with friends and family, they’ll need a car seat to keep them safe and secure. It’s a legal requirement as well as a safety essential.

The laws on car seat safety change regularly, as new research is undertaken and developments are made. A few years ago, an older child was ok on a booster cushion and babies were put in forward facing seats not long after they were able to sit up. Now, however, it’s been proven that our children are much safer in a high backed car seat until they are tall enough not to need one at all and that children are safer in a rear facing seat right up until their fourth birthday.

It can be cost effective to buy a seat that grows and adapts with your child so that they’ll only need one. But, do your research and find the safest option before you buy.

A Baby Monitor

Baby monitors come in different styles nowadays. You can get simple audio monitors, that let you listen to your baby. There are video monitors so that you can see your baby, and there are even sensors that detect movement, temperature and breathing patterns. Many parents find that they prefer a simple audio monitor, as anything more causes them undue anxiety. But, get whatever makes you feel comfortable.

A Safety Gate

You might not think that you need a safety gate until your baby can walk or crawl. But, you might find that they start moving about much sooner than you expect. Even a baby that’s just starting to roll at a few months old can cover a surprising distance very quickly. Buy a safety gate straight away so that you don’t get caught without when your child starts to move.

These are just the essentials. There are many more items that you can invest in to help to keep your baby safe. But, your instincts are perhaps your best defence from danger. Buy what makes you feel secure, and what you think your family needs. Trust your own judgement, and remember, you can always make changes as you go.

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