Ensure You Have Happy and Healthy Relationships

Ensure You Have Happy and Healthy Relationships

Most of us hope that we will have a happy relationship in life and that if we get married it will last a lifetime. We all know that in reality this does not happen, and nearly half of all the marriages and partnerships in the US breakdown. If you do not want this to be the future for you, what can you do to keep your relationship a happy one?

You Have To Work At It

Successful relationships do not just happen; you both have to be prepared to work at it. You should always listen to each other properly, and make an effort to put right something you are doing that your partner does not like.

You also need to make time for each other. It is very easy when you start a family for the children and work to take over your lives. This is often when may couples grow apart, but you should not allow that to happen to your relationship. It just needs some time that is for you two. Whether that is a night out once a week, and evening snuggled up in front of the TV together, or some other way of the two of you having quality time with no one else around.

In fact, if the kid’s grandparents would have them overnight occasionally that is even better.

Don’t Try To Change Them

You fell in love with your partner as they are. Life changes as things progress, but you should not try and change your partner. You can talk to them about anything you are not happy with, but do not let it turn into a big thing if everything stays the same.

Sometimes, the changes are in you not them, and perhaps you need to look at yourself with a critical eye before you start complaining to your loved one.

Arguments Are Counterproductive

All arguments do is upset everyone. If either of you has a problem and you are angry, you should wait till you calm down before discussing the issue. A calmer talk often does more good than a shouting match, as tempers are seen for what they are. They are an outburst where people say things they do not really mean, but even said in anger; it cannot be taken away once it has left your mouth.

Many arguments start because of our own fears and anxieties, and often the reason we are feeling angry is nothing to do with the argument itself.

Anger also tends to make you self-absorbed and you cannot see the full picture when you are feeling this way. It is said that anger is a relationship killer, so keep it out of yours.

Men And Women Are Different

In spite of all the media attention on sexual equality and all the efforts being made to ensure it is followed, men and women are different creatures. That does not mean that one is better than the other, but the way they think about things varies greatly. Understanding those differences can make living together much more peaceful and happy.

There are times when relationships break down because those differences are too great. For instance, if someone needs a domestic violence attorney, you can read more here to get the help you need, as the chances are that the differences are not repairable and the partners should walk away from the relationship.

Some couples believe that they should see a marriage counselor once a year to iron out any minor problems they may have, and if that works for them that is great. There are books on relationships you can buy too, and as long as you read it together, you could come up with some new ideas.

Find A Shared Interest

A shared interest is brilliant for bonding. It could be a sport, a creative activity, or maybe a love of such things as stargazing.  Whatever it is, it will give you something else to talk about other than family, finances, and work and can mean that you spend some extra quality time together.

A shared interest can also ensure that you stay good friends, and that is a component of any successful relationship.

Be Responsible For Yourself

There is only you that can make you happy. If you think your partner is responsible for making you otherwise, look again and find out the true facts. It is often something to do with you, but easier to blame them.

Unless they are making you unhappy because they are walking away from your relationship, there is nothing that is insurmountable, you just need to identify the cause and put it right.

Treat Them Right

There is an old saying that you should ‘treat everyone as you want to be treated’ and that is very true in relationships. If you want to feel more loved, give more love to your partner.  If you want more of their time, give them more of yours. More understanding comes from you being more understanding with them, and so it goes on. You could say you get what you give and that is very true.

Keep It Simple

You do not need to make your relationship complicated, in fact, the simpler the healthier your relationships are likely to be. Life has more than enough problems, without adding any to t your home life.

Never forget to say thank you to them, as this is often forgotten and then they feel taken for granted. Each day you should tell them that you love them so even if they are feeling a bit down they know they can rely on you. Feeling cherished, loved and respected is a great way for anyone to start his or her day. Then whatever challenges they face at work, or with the family, will all be much simpler to cope with and will keep you and them in a better mood.

There will always be relationships that do not work for various reasons, but you do not have to let yours be one of them. Always remember why you got together in the first place, and try to keep some of the romance in place. It does not take a great deal to do this, just a bit of effort from both of you can do the trick.

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