6 Reasons Why It's Great To Date A Geek

6 Reasons Why It's Great To Date A Geek

Geeks and girlfriends - those are not two words you often hear together in a positive way. But, today, we’re going to look at changing that. While you might never have given a second thought about dating someone with a geeky nature, perhaps you are missing out. Here are five reasons why.



They know stuff


If intelligence is important to you with regards relationship material, then you can’t go far wrong with a geek or a nerd. They are smart. They will inform you of things you had no idea existed - often without consulting Google. They tend to like math, science, reading and writing - and love to have a deeper understanding of life in general. When someone is so good at learning, they have the ability to learn even more. So, the next time you pass on a date with someone you don’t think could ever have potential - think again.


They are into things


Geeks have passions in their lives. It could be music, movies, comedy - even wargames. Now, not all of these things will sit well with everyone. If you can’t stand cosplay, it’s probably not going to work out between you. If you can get beyond that, though, it’s good to know that people are inspired by interesting hobbies. The point is - they are really into ‘things’. They commit. If you are tired of dating people that don’t seem to have any passions at all, it might be worth casting your net a little wider.


They are problem solvers


People in healthy relationships understand how to address and solve their problems. And, that’s what geeks do - almost all the time. Playing computer games, for example, is all about solving problems - as is fixing a PC, or programming some software. If they can do that with their spare time, then there’s every chance they will work on their personal problems with the same dedication.


They are easy to please


Birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s gifts for your partner - anyone else out there struggle? If so, then think about going geek. Because they are so passionate about certain things, it’s easy to give them what they want. No more worrying if you bought the right tint in the moisturizer - just buy FIFA 16 Coins for your boyfriend. Plus, geeky people tend to be more content with the simple things in life. They don’t need to play mind games, and they are inspired more by their passions than money.


They are stable


Geeks are good at what they do - and it tends to get them nice jobs. Not only that but the companies they work for don’t want to lose them. That gives them a stable and secure future - and in this day and age, that can only be a positive thing.


They are cooler than they were twenty years ago

Geeks have always been the brunt of jokes - it’s been going on for centuries. The tables have turned, however, with the advent of modern technology. The biggest geeks tend to have enormous impact on everyday life - think Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. And, all the cool software, apps, and technology you use - they were all created by geeky people. We wouldn’t go so far to call them rock and roll stars, but they are making waves in that general direction!

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