'Finals Fever': Helpful tips for test culture

'Finals Fever': Helpful tips for test culture

by Radhika Sharma

It’s February; the month of love, happiness, blossoming beauty, and color! But, for some of us, it’s also just another month leading up to finals.

As an International Baccalaureate (IB) student, I can confidently - and unfortunately - tell you that my life is scheduled according to my finals to try and make it a smooth ride. However, as a student, no matter which curriculum you follow, you also face the misery of impending sorrow, tension, fear, and stress. I’ve gone through many years of examinations  and I still feel the same way but I’ve worked on are the tactics to make exam season less miserable and more tolerable. Here are a few tips for you that have helped me over the years –


Tailor it!

Struggling to get rid of your social media diet? Is your phone making it harder for you to focus? If so, form a habit of tailoring and focusing your attention to the finals by using the one thing that distracts you most, your phone. Tailor your social media to regain your focus. Over the years, my lock screen wallpapers have become an expression of my state of mind. It directs my attention to what’s important and helps me stay on task.

On the topic of phones, it is crucial to have control of our phones and not vice-versa. Switch your phone off for certain hours of the day. You don’t need to go off the grid, instead, allot time in the middle of your study session as a break so you don’t get tempted and have a healthy dose of studying and socializing.


Drink It Up!

It is crucial to keep snacking whilst studying because it helps jog your brain and give you a breather in between your cram marathon. For some individuals, including me, snacking is something that distracts you, keep a bottle of water, tea, or juice by your side. Whenever you feel the need to change it up a little, just take a gulp of your beverage. This will help you relax and keep your body and mind focused.



Something I always find very helpful is listing and targeting. Targeting helps you have a defined and clear goal. This give you clarity of mind and makes you feel more organized. If you haven’t done so already, buy a planner,jot down your goals, and tick them off as you go. Doing this will give you greater sense of satisfaction than a tub of ice cream, trust me!


Jazz It UpI

If you love music, I suggest you start listening to classical or instrumental music when you’re studying. It helps with memory and retention. It’ll make you feel calmer and increase your concentration. Not enough? Another way to jazz up your study session is either by studying with a friend or simply adding more mediums to your study methods. Adding visual aid in the form of a video alongside a whiteboard which can give you a place you can jot down key terms and definitions when you revise!

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