Beauty Trends around the World: 2016 Edition

Beauty Trends around the World: 2016 Edition

by McKinley Carbone

Every year, beauty trends come and go. Although some last a long time and some fade there is no doubt that all around the world people are pushing the limit and trying to set new goals when it comes to beauty and fashion. Different cultures adopt and follow different rules when it comes to looking good. So what are trendsetters around the world doing these days? Here are some of the most unusual, interesting, and hottest beauty trends found around the globe!


Yaeba Teeth (Japan)

A lot of people remember their awkward middle school days when they had to go to the dentist and wear braces to get their teeth looking nice and straight. Well, Japan has taken that concept and run in the opposite direction. Yaeba teeth which translates to “double tooth” in Japan are seen as cute and childlike, making them more attractive in Japanese culture. They are attained by using dental crowns that elongate canine teeth and give an overcrowded, somewhat vampire look to your teeth.


Scalp Botox (UK)

Scalp Botox is a very recent trend originating in the UK. Everyone loves a good hair day right?! Well the idea behind scalp Botox is that it will prevent sweating along the hairline, and therefore keep your hair frizz free after working out. This technique has been used to reduce perspiration for underarms, feet and hands, but is now catching on with the scalp as well. Botox is a very popular cosmetic treatment and now it can keep you sweat free after your yoga class.



White Henna (UAE)

Henna is such a beautiful form of body art, so it is only natural that white henna would catch on as a hot beauty trend in the UAE. Traditionally henna is a dark pigment that temporarily tattoos skin with intricate designs and patterns, and has been around for centuries in the Middle East. The white henna has emerged because it bears a close resemblance to lace and has been used as additional embellishment for everyday wear on hands feet and other parts of the body.


Dyed Armpit Hair (USA)

We have all seen the rainbow hair trend. Well, if you are not ready to commit to a full head of purple hair you can always start with your armpit hair! This trend started in none other than the USA and has recently become really popular. This campaign started by a woman dying her armpit hair to match the turquoise hair on her head, and it caught on super-fast. It now represents women celebrating their natural hair by adding a little pop color, and hopefully lessening the taboo of women having hair under their arms all together!


Hangover Makeup (Asia)

No one wants to look hungover right? Wrong! Many women in Korea and Japan are adopting this new makeup trend that makes your face and eyes look puffy and flushed as they would after a long night of drinking. In Asia, the puffy under eyes are actually seen as happy and youthful. This look is completed by contouring and adding smudged makeup under the eyes to get the “I just woke up” appearance.  


Snail Facial (Thailand)

There are a lot of questionable facial treatments out there. One of the more recent trends that comes from Thailand is the snail facial. This interesting spa treatment is exactly what it sounds like. Essentially, they place snails on your face and their snail slime tightens and rejuvenates the skin on your face! As with many other trends around the world this slime facial seems to be catching on and becoming more popular than you would think. So if you are ever visiting Thailand this is a unique and natural wrinkle remedy to try out.



Needless to say there are a lot of crazy, fun, and interesting beauty trends out there! Looking at different cultures and their perception of beauty is super fascinating. In the USA we may think that the “hangover look” is different, but hey; there are people out there that think dying your armpit hair is just as unique. These are only a handful of the exotic beauty trends seen throughout the world. These are some of the ways that people choose to express themselves and inspires them to love their body. What other worldly beauty trends do you love?


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