How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

In today’s modern age, it would seem like having a long distance relationship is a lot simpler than before. There is no need to wait for days for the mail delivery to come because communication is already instantaneous.

But is it really the case? People involved in long-distance relationships will agree that no technology can make up for physical presence, making such relationships emotionally difficult. If you are afraid that love is fading away in your relationship, check this post for tips on how to revive lost passion.

Meanwhile, here are things to keep in mind to make long-distance relationships work.

Plan out your schedules well.

Communication is essential in a relationship and giving time to connect is one way to keep it warm. But because of time zones, schedules and sleep preferences, setting a common time to talk makes it difficult.

In setting an arrangement, it is essential to consider some points to make a pattern that will be convenient for both of you.

  • At what time of the day do you feel you can devote an unrushed time for conversation?

  • Do you prefer to arrange a fixed time every day or should this schedule vary?

  • What about spontaneous texts?

There is no limit to the communication schedules you can create. But be careful in making a rhythm that works for you to avoid frustration and resentment after getting into a pattern that is not supportive and convenient.

Ensure that you have common relationship intentions and visions.

Generally, long-distance relationships are less stressful when both people understand that their situation is just temporary.

It is easier for a couple to exert effort in getting through their difficult position of being miles away if they know that they will be together after a specific time. Discuss your expectations when you separate and when will this situation end.

Go beyond technology.

Long-distance lovers are grateful for Skype, Facetime, texts and other technologies that make their distance seem much smaller. However, you should never underestimate the power of tangible things that remind you of them.

Bring a piece of clothing with his or her scent, a gift from your partner or your wedding ring perhaps, to remind you of their physical presence. And why not send them an unexpected gift or postcard?

Ensure quality communication.  

What you lack in quantity should be made up for in quality. Since you can't hold hands, touch and sometimes make eye contact, plan the things you want to discuss. Ensure that you tell each other what you mean to say. Continue to have intimate conversations to help you forget the seas or mountains that separate you.

Stay in tune with each other with the “boring” details.

Because you are miles apart, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to know how each other’s days.

Quality communication does not have to mean missing out on the small details of your days. It is so easy to grow apart if you lose track of your partner’s daily life. It does not have to feel like reporting everything you do, but the idea is to get a feel of their life regardless of your distance.

Let life go on even without your partner.

Maintaining a long-distance relationship requires sacrifice but be wary about sacrificing more than what is needed. Make the most of your time and life. Do not try to put it on hold just because you miss them.

Continue doing your hobbies, interests, nurture friendships, work your butt or ace your academics. Live each day to the max whether your partner is around or not. The great thing about this is that it makes time seem to go faster.

Avoid over-planning your time in person.

Because you have been physically separated for some time, it could feel that you shouldn’t waste any time when you are together. If you only see each other twice a year, for example, plan your activities well but include some breathing room.

Remember that intimacy is created using both small and big moments. Let your time together be stress-free by giving your partner time for himself, his family or friends, too.

Check in but don’t check up on your partner.

The worry on the possibility of infidelity is typically higher in long-distance couples than in geographically-close ones. However, you should not let this idea trigger a behavior that swerves towards hovering or suspicion. Your partner will not like an intrusive way of asking questions, which can create stress on both sides.

Trust each other.

The most critical factor to make any relationship work is trust. Building and keeping it  should go both ways, with both of you earning and having it. Try to stick to plans you have made together and listen to each other. Make each other feel you are worth the distance and the long wait.

Final Thoughts

Being away from your loved one can be very difficult, and sometimes, our negativity can get the worst of us. Stay positive and make your time apart to be a way to appreciate each other more. Refrain from focusing on the difficulty of not being physically together; instead, make this challenge a way to make your relationship stronger.

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