Travel? Boost My Career? Really?

Travel? Boost My Career? Really?

Jetting off around the world is usually seen as a career killer. You’ll have the experience of a lifetime, but you’ll have to give up your steady job and all the benefits. Kiss goodbye to the paycheck and the healthcare and the chances of a promotion.

So, the idea that it’s good for your future is a little off base. At least, that’s how it seems. How can living in hostels eating pasta and taking cold showers help your profession? The answer is by teaching you life skills which are essential in the office.

Here are the ones that every traveler learns at some point on their trip.



Lazing around and doing nothing is a myth that non-travelers like to pedal. Okay, so there’s a bit of that depending on your itinerary and where you’re based. But, there’s also a lot of running around after planes, trains and automobiles and making sure you’re on time. Miss a flight and it’s a day wasted as well as a couple of hundred bucks down the toilet. Plus, most people don’t want to hang around in airports for a 24-hour connection. So, you’ll become a master at planning to be on time as well as being time efficient. Employers value punctuality above most skills.



Whether you’re alone or with a group, socializing with people is inevitable. The vibe of traveling is to dive into the deep end and take chances. That means introducing yourself to strangers, asking questions and listening to their answers. Also, there’s a lot of talking about number one and explaining where you’re from and why you do certain things. In short, traveling sharpens your communication skills to the point where you can speak to anyone regardless of the situation. At an event, employers need employees who will cultivate contacts for favors.



Bloggers and travel writers like to work while they mill around foreign countries. A blog is a fantastic way to build a base and put out a high-quality of work. Because there isn’t the time to do everything, you’ll have to delegate. The blog can be secure thanks to eSudo technologies such as server monitoring and antivirus software. Upwork can put you onto solid writers that can churn out posts. Or, you can find them yourself on the travel circuit. Regardless, bloggers learn to outsource like a pro to save money, boost the standard of their work and raise awareness for their brand.



There is nothing like riding the bus for a full day to hone your patience skills. Sadly, there’s only so many Netflix series you can watch before you go mad. During these journeys, you learn how to pass the time without getting stressed or suffocated. You see the end goal and keep it in sight. Employers love these workers as they never panic or lose concentration. Rather than let the situation overwhelm them, they figure out a solution to the problem. They’re patient enough to know a fix is around the corner.

Wouldn’t you want people like this working for you if you owned a business?

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