Why You Should Always Work Smarter, Not Harder

Why You Should Always Work Smarter, Not Harder

Right now, where we are in the 21st Century, women are expected to always be busy. If you dare to have a clear schedule and you let someone know that you don’t have much to do today/this week then there’s a good chance that they’ll look at you as though you’re the laziest slob around! This is complete madness!

Although we all need to take the relevant steps to earn a living. Look after our families and meet any other important obligations that we have, there is no reason why we should be busy every hour or every day, and in fact, everyone being so busy is probably a major factor in the increasing levels of stress, anxiety, and depression we are seeing in society right now.

No, the modern woman (and man for that matter) should not work themselves to death. We should all be enjoying more leisure time, just like our mothers and fathers thought we would be doing in the future when they were young and the way to do that is by working harder, not smarter.

There are so many tools, from Microsoft office templates to automation apps such as Tasker and Evernote which allow us to live and work smarter, in far less time than it would traditionally take, that it would be foolish not to!

Not convinced that you should put your work down and your feet up more often? Perhaps the following will convince you:


You’re Less Productive the More You Work

Numerous studies have shown that societies that have longer working hours are not any more productive than those who work shorter hours, and in many cases, they are actually much less productive. This is undoubted because of the more you work, the more tired you get and the less able you are to concentrate. If you allow yourself more time to recharge your batteries and do the things you love. You will have far more energy to get things done when you get around to them.


Hard Work is Demotivating

Okay, so there are some people. Those Wall Street types, for example, who thrive on hard work and are fully on board with the whole lunch is for wimps philosophy of life, but for most of us, hard work is demotivating. It doesn’t spur us on to do more, work harder, make more money or become better at whatever it is we’re doing. It just makes us feel tired, demoralized, depressed and that means that we never reach our full potential. By working smarter we CAN achieve all our goals and we will be far happier as we do so.


No One Wishes They’d Worked More

At the end of the day, when those final moments come, none of us are going to be lying there wishing that we’d worked more. No, we will wish that we had loved more, played more, spent more time traveling or working on our hobbies, and that is exactly why we should be doing those things now!

Work smarter, not harder and truly enjoy your life!

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