The 5 Makeup Sins Brides Make for Their Wedding

The 5 Makeup Sins Brides Make for Their Wedding

There are times in your life when it is perfectly acceptable to make mistakes. These are the times when you’re allowed to have a bad hair day, try out a new color of lipstick that turns out to be a little off or try that mascara you have always been lusting after, only for you to apply it the wrong way and look like a character out of a horror movie. Your wedding day is definitely not one of these times. Anything wrong, from the manicure to the eyebrow job, could potentially ruin what is meant to be the most special day of your life. As a bride, there are things you should avoid committing on your wedding day, and we’re here to help you do that. Here are five sins you shouldn’t do, courtesy of the Institute of Wedding and Event Design.

1. Not Wearing Waterproof Mascara

Weddings are some of the most emotional events in a lot of people’s lives. You can expect a lot of feelings to fly around and where emotions are, you can expect a fair amount of tears to be flowing as well. If your mascara isn’t waterproof, then all those tears are going to do a serious number on your face because the mascara will run. Depending on what it looks like, you will remind attendees eerily of the killer from "Scary Movie." By the way, this one is important for the attendees as well as the bride. You want to be prepared for the feels because the feels are definitely prepared for you.

2. Wearing the Wrong Foundation

I can’t emphasize this enough. You’re going to take a lot of pictures on your wedding day, and the wrong color foundation will be more exaggerated in the photographs than as viewed by the naked eye. Any other day, you can walk around with foundation that is a little too dark or too light, and it’s going to be OK. You can’t do that on your wedding day. To be on the safe side, you’re going to have to start testing the right blend of foundations months before your wedding day. Test based on such things as whether you’ll be spending time in the sun and how different products affect the tone and texture of your skin.

3. Apply Lipstick without Exfoliating

Do it with your toothbrush and a reliable sugar scrub. You need to get rid of all the dead skin on your lips and then apply a moisturizing mask and let it set overnight. In the morning, your lips will be soft, smooth and ready for your lip gloss or lipstick.

4. Not Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist

It’s going to be a little tempting to have a friend, who you think is great with makeup, to serve as your makeup artist. Resist that temptation at all costs. The chances that you or those around you aren’t going to be happy with the results are quite high actually. You may have to tell your friend you don’t like the result and risk hurting their feelings. Get a professional makeup artist instead. He or she will do a better job and, since you’re paying for his or her services, you can ask to change what you don’t like and not risk hurting anyone's feelings in the process.

5. Not Using Concealer

OK, I understand it. It’s not a great idea to use too much concealer. However, the other end of the spectrum is just as bad. Those dark circles under your eyes will not be flattering on your wedding photos, so don’t skimp on this essential makeup component.

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