“Men’s” Sports Every Woman Should Try

“Men’s” Sports Every Woman Should Try

“You can’t do that; it’s for men.” Women hear things like this all of the time in general, but it happens most in a sporting context. People think we’re too small and dainty and slight to take part in contact sports. And, others have the perception that women shouldn’t do certain things.

Well, this is a newsflash for those guys people – it’s 2018. That means a woman can do anything she wants, including participating in men’s sports. And, she should not only do it to stick it to the men but for the health and well-being benefits.

Here are the main ones to try.



There are female golfers, yet The Atlantic points out they don’t get the same attention. Michelle Wie was hot for a while, but it helped that she was hot in general. When people think of the sport, they imagine the likes of Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy even though it’s as much about style and finesse as it is power. The great thing about golf, aside from the dirty glances from old men in suits, is the peace and tranquillity. Someone once said it was a good walk ruined, so at least you’ll get to enjoy the scenery. Also, it’s a fantastic exercise for the muscles particularly in the arms.



Guys go on fishing trips. They charter a boat, drink beer, and cook their catch. They use Fishing Sun to find the hotspots and they enjoy being away from the wives for a few days. Well, that sounds like something a group of girls would enjoy just as much as any boy. Firstly, there’s a boat so there’s always a sunbathing-based backup plan in case the fish aren’t biting. Plus, there’s alcohol. And, fighting a marlin is an incredible workout. Anyone worried about conservation shouldn’t worry because you can release anything you catch.



Ladies, don’t bother with football because you’ll break a nail. In fact, you may break a bone if you’re unfortunate. Leave it to the big, rugged men instead. Erm… no thanks! To begin with, everyone has watched football and it’s not as dangerous as people believe. Have these guys ever watched rugby? Also, the benefits of competition in everyday life are immense. Guy’s sports encourage them to be aggressive and to take their chances, and that’s what women should do too. Whether it’s in the house, the office or the bedroom, there’s nothing wrong with getting what you want. Men have done it for centuries and not it’s our turn.



The rest-of-the-world’s version of football, this does have traction with girls at a young age. Still, the top echelons of the sport are male-dominated. The good news is that this is changing thanks to better coverage, especially in the UK. From a US perspective, we are doing great things regarding scholarships and the professional game too. The point is that there aren’t many men’s sports which are feasible careers for women. At the moment, it seems as if soccer is at the top of the list.

So, are you going to turn the tables on the men and give them a taste of their medicine?

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