Embrace Your Bossy Side: Career Choices For Women

Embrace Your Bossy Side: Career Choices For Women

The word “bossy” has been the subject of much debate in recent years. The dictionary definition of the term initially seems rather kind…

… but then you take a look at the synonyms, and it’s clear that to be bossy isn’t generally considered to be a good thing: few of us would want to spend time around a person who is “pushy”, “overbearing”, or “high-handed”.

As a result, the idea of embracing the bossy elements of your character may seem rather bizarre. However, there’s a good reason that women should feel no fear when considering embracing their bossy nature - and it’s right there in that dictionary definition.

Sister. Even in the dictionary definition, the word “bossy” is feminized. This, unfortunately, is nothing new: “bossy” has been used as a way of dismissing assertive women for decades. In contrast, men who are assertive will be described as “go-getters” or “a leader” - women who display the same characteristics are dismissed as bossy.

As a result of this misuse of the term, embracing your “bossy” side is actually a decent idea - if we take “bossy” to denote positive qualities, such as assertiveness. There are campaigns to ban the word “bossy”, but on the flip side of the argument, some argue in favour of reclamation. If you prefer the idea of reclaiming and embracing your bossiness, then here are three careers that will provide the perfect route to achieving just that…



Teachers have to be bossy. They have to be willing to control a classroom of - sometimes unruly - children, set instructions, and oversee developments throughout the day. It is also worth noting that teaching allows you to have a positive impact on young lives, helping to nurture the next generation and guide their education in the most positive way possible. Teaching is a vocation as much as a career, but considering retraining may just be the best choice for you if you’re looking to use your bossy side in the most constructive way possible.



If you are bossy by nature, then actually being the boss is likely to suit you very well. Entrepreneurship requires a number of different skills, but an ability to manage others and action your thoughts thoroughly and effectively cannot be underestimated. An additional benefit is that, should you start your own business, you can help to shape a workplace culture that embraces bossiness and sees it as an asset in either gender. If you have an entrepreneurial spark and wish to embrace the assertiveness in your personality, entrepreneurship could be the perfect choice for you.


Project management

By its very nature, project management requires you to be bossy. You have to be willing to tell people what to do, chase deadlines, and demand the very best from the people you are working with. Project management is a perfect fit if you have excellent organizational skills and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure a job is well done; if this applies to you, then you can study project management online for convenience, and then explore a new career where bossy is nothing but a good thing.


In conclusion

If you wish to reclaim your bossy side and change the meaning of the term to describe an assertive woman who is comfortable speaking her mind, then any of the careers above might be the perfect choice for you.

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