Your Workplace Matters: Don’t Settle For Less

Your Workplace Matters: Don’t Settle For Less

Where we work and what we do has always been important, but it seems to take on extra importance in this modern world. Now, it’s not just a role that we fulfil, but an extension of our lifestyle. After all, our colleagues can become our friends; we can end up working long hours, and so on. As such, it’s hugely important that you’re working in a space where you feel valued and comfortable. Below, we take a look at a few issues that you should keep an eye on. If anything doesn’t seem quite right, it might be time to find new work.


Unrealistic Expectations

You should have a vague idea of what will be expected of you before you begin your job. When your boss tells you the expectations, they might not quite be in sync, but they should be at least in the same ballpark. If they’re wildly unrealistic, then you’ll be well-served by standing up for yourself. It’s easy for a boss to demand more and more without paying a higher wage, and if they think they can get away with it, then they will. Make sure what’s being asked of you is fair - by your standards as well as theirs.


Inappropriate Behavior

A workspace is supposed to be welcoming and tolerant, a place for you to bring your best work and grow professionally. Alas, it doesn’t always work that way. Behaviors that should belong in the past, should as racism or sexual harassment, do still take place. The important thing is to have a zero-tolerance approach; if something happens, speak to your manager or HR. If they don’t deal with it, then learn more about the legal steps you can take. In 2018, there’s no reason for you to suffer in silence - or at all, for that matter.


Colleague Relations

Unless you’re part of the hiring team, you’re going to have little say about the people that you work with. So there’s an element of having to put up with those people who work around you, even if you choose not to be friends outside of work. It’s different, however, if they’re genuinely a nuisance, such as distracting you from your work or undermining your stature in the workplace. If that happens, speak to them directly, or with your manager or HR.


Shady Practices

We all want to work for a company that has values, a company that wants to better the world. Alas, the world isn’t quite like. There are organisations out there who are less than moral giants. They cut corners, or disrespect their customers, or do other things that you don’t quite agree with. If you’re working for a company like this, then don’t compromise your ideals - begin the search for new work instead.


When to Walk

Ultimately, there are plenty of things that can make a workplace an unbearable place to be. Develop your own standards, and if a company doesn’t live up to them, then stand up for yourself and walk.

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