Girls In Sport: Getting Yourself Back At It

Girls In Sport: Getting Yourself Back At It

As children and teenagers, we often play a lot of sport. When you’re in school, you have Phys. ed on a regular basis. And if you loved a particular sport, you may have even played at varsity level. But most of the time, after college we forget all about sports because life tends to take over. When you start your career and you’re managing a busy social life, the idea of trying to carry on with your beloved sport can often be too difficult. However, when you really did have a passion for it, whether we’re talking soccer or dance or hockey or cheer, you may find that your love never really dies. And at some point, you miss it. If that time is now, why not get yourself back into it? Because it’s never too late to pursue something that you love.


1. Playing Team Sports

First of all, you could take up your team sport again. No matter what care you are, there’s likely to be a team in your region that you could try out for. Think about doing some training again, get your gear together and buy some new killer pieces, like SafeJawz, too. Then, get some practice in and see if you’re ready to join the team. This could be something that really makes you happy again.


2. Coaching

Next up, you could consider coaching. Maybe you don’t like the idea of playing competitively anymore, but you want to be involved still. When this is the case, choosing to coach younger children or even more competitive teams could be exactly what you need. If you know that you’re skilled and that you love working with children and encouraging their passion, then this is going to be the perfect option for you.


3. Taking Classes

A step on from that could be to take some classes. Maybe you want to get involved with your sport, but you don’t want to teach? When your sport was something like dance or cheer, there are plenty of fitness classes that could be great for you. Think about something like barre or dance fit classes that could give you that fix and be a fun way to workout too.


4. Starting A Local Team

If you do want to partake in your sport, and it’s something like soccer or hockey so fitness classes may not give you that fix, why not start your own team? This could be something just for fun. There are often a range of different fun leagues in different areas, or again, you could just create your own.


5. Doing Something Different

From here, you then might like to think about what you could do to get fit and active and feel sporty, but without playing the sport. Because you can often miss it, but you know that playing it now won’t feel the same. So you want something similar. Outdoors activities like mountain biking or rock climbing could be exactly what you need right now.

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