Fundraise For A Better World

Fundraise For A Better World

When people want to give back to society and the world around them, they instantly think about donating some money to charity. There are thousands of charitable organizations around the world, all of which help to improve the world in which we live, create equality, and look after those most in need. Unfortunately, as charities aren’t usually funded by government bodies, they need all of the fundraising they can get to carry out their important work. Thankfully, though, there is plenty that the public can do to help out.

Are you interested in helping a charity that is close to your heart? Here are some ways you can help them fundraise for a better world.


Go On An Adventure

Why not take part in a once in a lifetime adventure? There are lots of organizations and charities that plan epic tricks, such as hikes through the jungle or treks across desert in aid of charities. You might want to check on the hike to Machu Picchu at to see the kind of things you could get involved in. No matter what kind of adventure you want to take on, and where in the world you would like to do it, I’m sure you will find an organization that is hosting a thrilling trip that you would really enjoy. And you get to fundraise for your favorite charity while doing it - bonus!


Take A Challenge

There are, of course, ways to get the adrenalin pumping through your body without needing to leave the country. If you don’t fancy traveling half-way across the world to go on an adventure, you could just take on a challenge at home. There are so many that people will be willing to sponsor you for. For instance, if you are into your fitness, then you might want to set yourself the challenge of running a marathon. The Boston marathon is a really popular American race that many participants do for a charity. Follow their Twitter account at so that you don’t miss out on a place for the next one!


Put On A Bake Sale

If you don’t have much time to train and prepare for adventures and challenges, you could keep your fundraising nice and easy. After all, you don’t always have to put your body through a world of pain! Why not host a bake sale? This is a great option if you work in an office, as you can take all your cakes and cookies into work with you and sell them to your colleagues.


Go Without

Is there something that you absolutely love and enjoy indulging in every day? Maybe it’s your favorite bar of chocolate? Well, why not try abstaining from this indulgence for a month. People can sponsor you to do it, which should keep you motivated. Things that people have given up in the past for charity include favorite foods, TV, and drinking alcohol.

Hopefully, one of these great ideas can help you raise some cash for your favorite charity!

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