A Girls Guide To Wild Camping

A Girls Guide To Wild Camping

With only two weeks or so off a year, we understand if you want to jet away to some far away paradise where mojitos cost half as much as Costa coffee and your bed is more comfortable than a giant marshmallow. But if you want to feel alive, enjoy the privilege of spontaneity, and wake up with heart-pounding excitement then you need to pack up your car, head to the bottom of Mount Nowhere and soak up the joys of wild camping.

It’s your chance to explore the great outdoors, sleep under the stars, wake up in staggeringly beautiful and wonderfully secret locations and escape the humdrum of real-life in the most magical way imaginable.

It’s a temptation we’ve all felt niggle at the back of our hearts. The problem is, it’s pretty daunting for first-timers, which is why we have pulled together a few tidbits of information to help you feel confident enough to get started. Yeehaw.


1. Swat Up On Your Survival Skills

The name ‘Wild Camping’ gives it away. It’s nothing but you, your trusty tent, some hardy equipment and the great outdoors, which is why you need to subscribe to Prepared Bee and brush up your survival skills. Nothing feels more amazing than making a delicious and nutritious one-pot meal from the bits you stumbled across.


2. Know If Camping Is Legal

Before you pack your truck and driving into the heart of the wilderness, you really need to make sure wild camping is allowed in that region or whether you need to get a permit before setting up your tent.


3. Share Your Remote Secret

The most amazing thing about of wild camping is the access you have to untouched places. It’s hiking through the wilderness and pushing through the aches and pains knowing you’ll find a remote spot with the most breathtaking view of tomorrow’s sunrise. That said, it’s important you let someone know where you’re planning to go and for how long. Just in case.


4. Look For Fresh Water

When looking for an amazing place to pitch your tent, always opt for the top of a slope and always make sure you are near a clean source of water. It’s not just because water is heavy to carry, but because a skinny dip in the middle of the wilderness is utterly liberating.


5. Your Gear is Everything

The kit you pack is what will make or break your stay. It’s what will let you get a comfortable night sleep and wake up refreshed each morning. It’s things like a light but tough tent, a sleeping mat, a mummy-shaped sleeping bag, an outdoor stove, head torch, insect repellent and comfy hiking boots. Of course, you won’t know exactly what you need until you’ve done a night or two outdoors, so have a trial run in your backyard before you leave.


6. Research Your Remote Spot

Nothing is going to keep you smiling more than knowledge. That means doing your research into what rural spots are the most magical, what dangers there are, what the phone signal is like, what animals reside in that area and, most importantly, what the weather forecast is like. The more you know, the more chance you will get your excursion spot on.

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