Your Success Relies On Your Employees Success

Your Success Relies On Your Employees Success

When you are the boss, there is one thought you need to humble yourself with more often than not: your success depends on the success of your employees. It doesn’t matter if you are the woman at the very top of the pyramid or a line manager with a team of people under your supervision - in order for you to be successful, you need them to be successful, and that means empowering them.

Yup. The more you are able to empower your employees - or team - the more they will be able to thrive. Of course, the big question is, “how do you empower your employees?”

So, without further ado, here is a list of ways you can see your success grow from the ground up.


1. Be Liberal With The Boundaries

So many people think boundaries limit people, and they can if you get them wrong or don’t specify what their boundaries are. But if you do define them, wow, you’ll find your employees feel a lot more empowered because they are able to make their own decisions and act in the way they see most appropriate. It’s giv9ing them the freedom they crave.


2. They Talk. You Listen.

One of the trickiest parts of being a boss is putting up with employees saying things they think you want to hear and, a lot of the time, this is brought on by managers wanting to hear that their targets will be met. Don’t go down this route. It’s a recipe for a total mess. Instead, listen to what your employees have to say, encourage the truth and then change the way you approach it depending on what’s said. Everyone will feel more empowered by this approach.


3. Help Them Grow

No one wants to feel like they are stagnant, especially when the world around them seems to be spinning so fast. People want to feel like they are bettering themselves, growing up and are working towards a promotion. It’s what empowers them. To do this, prove them with a growth path. Use digital learning, in which you can learn more at Hold monthly workshops for your employees. Send them to seminars. Provide your newbies with mentors. Anything you can do.


4. Praise Those Who Deserve It

It’s far too easy to focus your praise on those with a gift for something; a talent. But it makes far more sense from a leadership point of view to praise people for the effort they put in. Trust us: in the grand scheme of things, effort is a thousand times more important than talent. If you praise talent, you will keep your employees focused on the one thing they are naturally good at. If you praise effort, though, you will encourage people to grow and learn and push their own boundaries.


5. Believe In Your Staff

Every manager would love to have a team of all-stars by their sides, but waiting for this to happen will be the biggest waste of time ever. Instead, you need to get the best out of your team and that’s done by believing in them. It’s done by motivating them. This is where empowerment stems from - self-belief.

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