What To Do When It All Gets A Little Too Much

What To Do When It All Gets A Little Too Much

It’s no wonder life can become all too much sometimes, especially when it looks like everyone around you has this whole navigating life thing down to a fine art - they are making every second of their lives count, they have gotten well-paying jobs they actually like, fallen in love with a dreamboat, off travelling all the time and achieving things, while you just feel like you are coasting through life, wasting time and wasting air.

It’s a super-sucky place to find yourself. It’s enough to make even the most confident, beautiful and Insta-popular person on the planet feel a bit rubbish about their lot.

It doesn’t mean you’ve let go of all hope and stopped seeing the beauty in things or anything like. It just means life has gotten a tad overwhelming and all you want to do is scream into a pillow. And that’s fine. Do it. Scream. And then do these things to help get your life back on track again.


1. Get Some Rest, Honey

When life becomes too hectic, responsibilities become too stressful and everything starts to feel overwhelming, one of the best things you can do is drop everything and get some much-need rest and recuperation. Do it for a day, drag it out for a weekend, runaway for a week - whatever you need to get that rest. It’s the only way you’ll be able to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on that thing called life again.


2. Work It Out By Working Out

Not all of us are exercise people, but every one of us can benefit from doing exercise when we’re feeling low, anxious, stressed and overwhelmed. The reason is simple: endorphins. Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning endorphins. These are what can lift your mood in the snap of your fingers and clear your mind faster than a hot bath full of bubbles. It doesn’t even have to be rigorous exercise; it can just be a gentle jog through the park. That’s all it takes to feel a smile fill your face again.


3. Show Yourself Some Love

Life has this horrendous way of keeping us busy; too busy to even enjoy the things we absolutely love doing; the things that make us tick and bounce and spring into action. Do these things. Do the things that you know will make you feel great again. Run yourself a steaming hot bath. Pop back to that women's sober living residency. Read a book about teenage angst. Pop to the nail salon and visit the spa. Anything that will make you feel fantastic about yourself. And then, when you’re done, book in another appointment to do this again.


4. Mini-Vacations Are Essentials

If you can afford to pack your backs and travel to some far-away island for three months, then don’t hold back. But even a mini-vacation to your nearest beach, or hiking through a national park, or walking down the backstreets of some far-off city can drastically help you take your mind of the things previously playing on it. Yes, this is called running away from life, but what the hell is wrong with doing that once in a while?

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