The Top Outdoor Activities in Washington State (Plus A Plan B Option For When It Rains)

The Top Outdoor Activities in Washington State (Plus A Plan B Option For When It Rains)

Washington State on the northwest coast of  America is truly a gem. In fact, it's chocked full of gorgeous outdoor spaces that include waterfalls, volcanoes, mountains, and hiking trails making it the perfect choice for anyone that loves to explore the wildness and get in touch with nature. With this in mind read on for the low down of the top outdoors picks as well as a ‘just in case’ option for if it's raining.


Indoor plan B

While being outside in the fresh air is great, it less fun if the winds blowing a gale and the rain is coming down in sheets. Luckily, there are plenty of indoor activities to keep you amused in Washington state.

One in particular that you should try, especially if you have younger members of your group is Great Wolf Lodge. This is an indoor water park that is packed full of slide, flumes, and pools, but that isn't all that is there.

In fact, there are many other attractions including the cleverly thought out quest runs, glow golf, and the challenging rope course. You can even get a reasonably priced hotel in Chehalis, Washington, or one of the other surrounding small cities while you visit. Then you are in a perfect position to travel across the state and do all the other activities you have planned as well.


Mount Rainier and National Park

Over to the west of Washington State, between Seattle and Portland, you will find an active volcano known as Mt. Rainier. This hill is 4392m high and is the tallest peak in the Cascade Mountain Range.

Not only Rainier a volcano but there are glaciers up there too, and scientists use these to study the effect of climate change. There are some awesome hikes to choose from as well including the day hikes that starts on the NE side of the mountain like the sunrise rim trail and Burroughs mountain trail, both of which are fabulous to do at as the sun is coming up.

Then there is the associated national park that Mt Rainier stand in which is full of beautiful meadows. A site that draws over 2 million visitors a year.


Puget Sounds

A sound is an inlet from the ocean, and the one at Puget is definitely worth a visit. It flows in from the Pacific and is ice blue in color. It is also surrounded by spectacular scenery, and full of marine life include salmon making it a popular fishing spot.

In fact, because of this, Killer whales are even known to visit the Puget sound from time to time. Something that makes it a prime whale watching location too.


North Cascades National Park

Last, of all, a trip over to the North Cascades National Park should be on any nature lover's list when visiting Washington state.

While there take the opportunity to experience the majesty of the great outdoors by hiking the Mt Ellinor or the heart o'the hills trail. The latter starting at the heart o' the hill campground and winding throughout the area, something that makes it a fantastic activity for spotting wildlife and absorbing that feeling of freedom that you get from being in the wild outdoors.

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