7 Ways To Fall In Love With Nature Again

7 Ways To Fall In Love With Nature Again

The feeling of freedom when you step onto a field of freshly mowed grass and the peaceful atmosphere of the outdoors before dawn breaks is unbeatable. You have always been the outdoorsy type and you love nothing more than basking in the presence of Mother Nature. Recently you haven’t had much time to do what you really enjoy so it’s time to get back to nature once and for all. You feel so relaxed and at ease when you’re surrounded by the natural beauties of the earth, so here are seven ways that you can enjoy and explore nature today.


Star Gazing

On a clear evening head out to your local park or even your backyard and try to discover the wonders of the stars. Learn more about the star life cycle in your spare time and you will start to recognise new constellations and even seek out the North Star for yourself.


Bird Watching

It sounds like a boring old man’s sport, but bird watching can be hugely rewarding and exciting. Looking out for rare breeds and noting them down on your records can be a hugely satisfying project. Some nature programmes will even off you money if you manage to snap a picture of a rare breed of bird.


Happy Hikes

When it is a sunny day there is no better feeling than heading out on a long hike or trek in your local area. You don’t have to live close to nature to experience the outdoors in all its glory. A few hours of hiking outside will boost your mood and connect you with the outdoors again.


Nature Trails

Your local park or nature reserve will probably have a set trail for people to follow in their spare time. Look out for one near you and get ready to explore some new plant life or creatures in their natural habitat. This is much more rewarding than heading out to any zoo and seeing animals in cages.


Walk More

Start walking to work more instead of taking the bus. That extra bit of fresh air will bring you closer to nature instantly.


Outdoor Exercise

Forget the sweaty air conditioned gym; do your workouts out in an open space and you will get much more out of it.


Ocean Breeze

If you’re lucky enough to live close to the water then take up some sort of water sport or go out snorkelling. You might have to take a vacation to do this sort of activity but it is always a priceless experience being near the crystal clear ocean.

Whether you fall in love with walking in the fresh air again or you learn about the constellations; being close to nature and well informed of its beauty is always going to lift your spirits. Try out one of these ideas every week and you will be able to discover the new natural activity which makes you happy. Building a relationship with the environment which surrounds you everyday is such a healthy way to live your life. Get your friends involved with your journey to falling in love with nature again and you will soon be living a life full of freedom, passion and contentment.

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