5 Reasons Why the Motorcycle Look is a Must

5 Reasons Why the Motorcycle Look is a Must

Motorcycle culture has been around for decades. It has inspired generations of motorcycle fashion trends, clubs, cultural icons, and motion pictures. Today, what is also known as the biker culture is a mainstream phenomenon.

Today, with celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, and Rihanna sporting the motorcycle look, the look is back with a bang. Here are 5 reasons you also must get the motorcycle look.


1. It’s Back in Vogue

Yes, it is that time again when fashion makes a comeback and it is time to get your wardrobe up to speed. Celebrities, some of the more fashion-forward members of our society, are sporting the biker look, something that says this look is back in fashion.

They have been spotted rocking the biker look with a dash of posh. Gwen Stefani was spotted in boyfriend jeans and a slouchy T coupled with some super chic Givenchy cage heels. Try mixing up your biker look with vintage Harley Davidson shirts and a pair of posh heels and/or a sling bag.


2. It’s Comfortable

The biker look has the good fortune of being super comfy. Think about it. A biker is sitting on a bike, riding for God knows how many miles and yet he/she has not the comfort of a car seat. Their clothes must be comfortable.

Thankfully, most fashion houses have retained this feature and today make trendy biker clothes with the same level of comfort. Sporting a leather jacket, comfy T, and some boyfriend jeans make for a comfortable getup. Couple this with either some comfy boots or sporty sneaks and your look is complete.


3. It’s Bold

While everyone else is struggling to find the right print on the right dress, you can step out in a bold way rocking the motorcycle look. Nothing says bold like a sleeveless leather biker jacket paired with a pair of ripped jeans.

When it comes to making a fashion statement, this look takes you off the beaten path. Mix up the look further with some bold leather riding boots and a trendy riding cap to complete your bad girl look.


4. It's Chic

With the biker look back in vogue, you can be sure sporting this look now qualifies as chic. To add chic to your look, pair simple biker items like a pair of boyfriend jeans with a classy tank top. Finish the look off with a bold Curb or Figaro chain and pair of stiletto peep toe boots to bring out the sexy and make a statement.


5. It’s Iconic

You know you are a biker fashion icon when those around you are surprised by the look you have and rush to copy it. With the motorcycle look, you are bound to get some heads turning.

Today, whether you are shopping a vintage look or a super chic look, you can find fashion pieces and accessories that make your biker look stand out. Picking pieces that magnify your personality and tease your curves is a great way of taking the biker look and owning it.

The motorcycle look is back in fashion and ready for some interesting remixes with modern fashion. Experiment with each to find the perfect look for you.

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