Helping Your Children Thrive Despite Difficulty

Helping Your Children Thrive Despite Difficulty

Helping children to thrive despite difficulty they might face is important to do for any competent and worthwhile mother. If you’re even making a small attempt to read an article that could help you be a better mother, we’re certain you are already a fantastic one, and this information will fall on worthwhile ears. Raising children is hard. There are a few books that can help ease this time, but none will ever accurately and completely show you the exact necessities of your current situation. They will never be able to do this either.

However, it can be that no matter what difficulty your child faces, there will always be a motherly solution to the problem. We have decided to explore that topic in the theme of this article, and hope it can lend some insight if you find yourself in similar situations.



A child needs encouragement like a plant needs sunlight. When a child experiences difficulty, be that through issues at school, health and hearing aid problems, a general lack of seeming direction or even a general lack of appetite, encouragement is often the golden resource that can help remind themselves of their worth. Children are usually intrinsically happy until they begin to head out into the world such as school.

While school is not a tragic circumstance, there can be times of awkwardness as they acclimate to the social arena. They might not completely understand why Tim stole their crayons at lunchtime, or why Charlotte won’t play with them anymore. Children are vulnerable and open to confusion when things happen that they don’t understand. For this reason, gentle encouragement from the mother can always help them and allow them to look at their situation differently, or generally develop more confidence when it comes to discussing their needs.



Putting things in perspective can be one of the most important things to do in helping a child understand difficulty. A child has little knowledge of the world around them, and to a certain extent is not capable of caring yet. We might be experiencing tax return issues and many other problems, but a child will not concern themselves with this, nor should they ever be expected to. However, when it comes to small issues that mean the world to a child, it’s important to help them place the event in the right category. Falling off a bike and injuring a knee might be considered the absolute worst thing to happen to a child in their life, and for the most part this fact might be true. However, gently helping them to understand that the wound will heal, that the band-aid will work its magic, that bikes can be a little dangerous and it’s always best to be a little careful can help a child understand what happened to them and not over-dramatize like is always tempting.


Praise For Self-Authority

There is a delicate line that must be balanced when it comes to raising children of a certain age. Sometimes, the events that you put in place now can lead to big things down the road. For example, whenever a child encounters a difficulty and naturally comes upon a solution themselves, they must be rewarded like no other reward you have given them. This is because this shows that with enough tenacity and willingness, self-reliance is very important. Of course, this never means closing your doors and neglecting to gift them advice when they truly need it. That would be a lacklustre solution to end all lacklustre solutions.

Let us use an example to illustrate this point. Consider the fact that a child is being mean to your child. Instead of your child standing up and rushing to a teacher (which is also incorrigible,) simply sitting away from that child, or sticking up for themselves should be considered a much preferable scenario. Even encouraging this prior can help a child feel more autonomous and authoritative in how they present themselves to the world. This can be a wonderful boon to their confidence in the long term, and sets the stage of self-reliance and respect before they’re even sure what those two things mean.

When all these things are combined over the course of a full and rich childhood, you can be sure that the attitudes and responsibilities a child keeps close to heart will be healthy, and calibrated with their requirements in the social world. This also by definition helps you stay an active and engaged parent.

We wish you the best of luck in your efforts!

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