Ideas for Ensuring a Safer, Fairer Future

Ideas for Ensuring a Safer, Fairer Future

There’s a lot of doom and gloom going on around the world, but it’s not always so clear that this is the right approach. There are reasons to be hopeful. The world is better educated, safer, and healthier than ever before - and these things should be celebrated. An earth that works for everyone might also be within reach if we make a few changes. Below, we take a look at how we might create a world that is safer and fairer than the one we currently exist in is.


Speak to one Another

You could say that we’re a divided world, but the truth is that we all have much more in common with one another than we do differences. We bleed when we’re cut, we cry when we’re sad, and so on. A simple solution to some of the world’s issues might be to do little more than just speak to one another. We’re all sometimes guilty of living in an echo chamber and just talking to the people who are more or less the same as we are. Let’s break down those walls.


Look at the “Smaller” Issues

We should rightly pay some attention to the world’s biggest issues, but the truth is that most of them are beyond our control - and in any case, may not pose any danger in the first place. Instead of looking to see what all the world leaders are saying to one another, maybe we should focus our attention on what’s going on in our immediate surroundings. You’re unlikely to be able to do anything to influence the relationship between Trump and Putin; you might just be able to do something to help a local organisation that needs volunteers. Think small!


Bring Back Democracy

Democracy isn’t dead, but it has been under attack from a few sides, particular in the form of electoral cybersecurity and big money in politics. There have been moves to make sure these two issues don’t have a bigger impact than they should. There have been moves to upgrade election technology to prevent fraud, while Michele Reagan Arizona Secretary of State has introduced a ‘Show us the Money’ campaign that makes it easy to search and analyse political spending. Democracy is the foundation of the future, and it must be allowed to thrive.


The Next Generation

Kids have always been the future, but it seems even by some of the standards of the past, the next generation might just be something special. They’re generally smarter, more worldly, and more caring than their parents. They might just go on to do terrific things if they’re given the right platform to do so.


Individual Happiness, Collective Happiness

It might be controversial to suggest individual happiness, but there’s a point to be made. If a person is happy, they’re more likely to help other people around them. If they’re not, they only focus on themselves! Focus on individual happiness, for a bit at least, and we might just have a caring world where people help one another.

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