Gear Fear: Overcoming Traveling Anxiety

Gear Fear: Overcoming Traveling Anxiety

Traveling the world probably seems like an amazing experience. With the sights and the people and the partying, there aren’t many better ways to spend a year. There is one problem, though: you’re scared. No one will come with you on your travels and the idea of going it alone to the other side of the world is frightening.

You’ve got gear fear because you can’t shift into first and take off. It happens to everyone and it takes a leap of faith to dive headfirst into the unknown. The good news is there are tips to help the nervous ease the stress and book the trip of a lifetime.

Are you ready? Great, then let’s get started.

You’re Not The First

Usually, it isn’t healthy to focus on other people. Concentrating on yourself is the key as no one else will get your life in motion. Still, it’s comforting to know that teenagers all over the world go traveling on a yearly basis. Why? It’s because the idea makes it more manageable. If a fellow American with zero common sense can come back in one piece then you should be fine! In fact, you might bump into these people and make lifelong friends.

Get Back On The Horse

Some people have already been traveling but can’t bring themselves to go again due to a bad experience. Anyone hurt by motorcycle in Vietnam isn’t going to find the prospect of going back to Southeast Asia appealing. However, there is more to the region and the country than buying hogs and fighting the insane traffic. If you want peace, you can get back on the horse and give it another go to allay your fears. Or, visiting the area and using buses and taxis and planes is just as helpful. Going back will prove that there is nothing to stop you from having an excellent time.

Responsibility Is A Mask

Yes, there are a few things which stop most people from traveling. Having a child, for example, is one because the baby’s needs come first. But, anything after that is fair game. Whether you own a property, are in a committed relationship or have a good job, there are ways around the obstacles. It is possible to save enough money to pay a mortgage and travel, or you can rent out your home to cover the costs. Invite your partner with you to prevent a split. And, remember that you can find a job when you return!

It’s A Small World

Once upon a time, going to Australia would take months. Now, it takes a day to fly from one country to the land down under. What this means is that the world is incredibly small and you’re not locked into traveling. When you get there, you might find you hate it and want to come home. Well, book a one-way ticket back and cut the trip short. Even if you are broke, you can always rely on parents to help.

Are your fears really big enough to keep you from your goal?

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