Ideas That Put The 'Fun' In Fundraising

Ideas That Put The 'Fun' In Fundraising

Fundraising for charity or a cause is a great way to not only give help where it’s needed, but make yourself and others feel good too. No selfless act is truly selfless, as we all feel better when we’re helping others - and that’s great! We should all find happiness in helping others more often, rather than in the things many tend to these days, e.g. buying material objects and using social media to gain likes.

If you want to do something for others and feel good at the same time, we’ve got you. Here are some ideas that put the fun into fundraising:

Bungee Jump/Skydive

If you're brave enough, why not raise money with a bungee jump or skydive? Both are similar in the fact that you have to jump from a great height. With a bungee jump you’re attached to a rope and go it alone, while somebody is attached to your back on a skydive - and you tend to fall a lot further than if you were to do a bungee jump. Both are equally as terrifying. Perhaps you could conquer one of these for charity.

Host An Arm Wrestling Competition

Arm wrestling competitions are always a lot of fun. You’ll need somebody to judge, and make sure that the participants are doing everything by the book. No cheating! You could consider having a trophy ready for the winner. Use the money raised with the entry fee for your charity - you could raise a lot if you do it somewhere central where participants from different towns can come and take part.

Do A Fun Run Or Dog Jog

A fun run could be anything, from an obstacle course you need to do with a team, to a color run where you end up covered in paint. A dog jog is the perfect alternative for dog lovers. If your dog is fit and healthy, get them involved. Raise money by getting sponsors, and get other people to join in with their dogs too. If you get enough people wanting to join in, you could do what Cane Bay Partners have done and provide lots of help to charities that need it.

Create A Quiz

How about a quiz that people can attend and take part in for a small fee? This is easy enough to do in a pub or a hall.

Host A Concert Or Battle Of The Bands

Host a concert or a battle of the bands, inviting entrants of all ages to make it inclusive and fun!

A Charity Sports Game

Why not host a charity football or rugby match? It might not get as much attention as the celebrity charity matches, but it could be a lot of fun and you could even get in the local news.

Pie Eating Contest

Invite people to join in a pie eating contest and see how much you can raise. It doesn’t just have to be pies! Maybe if your town has a signature dish, it could be included?

How will you raise money?

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