4 Spa Treatments You Can Create At Home

4 Spa Treatments You Can Create At Home

Spa treatments, although a lovely treat can become quite costly, especially if you visit  every month. There are some spa treatments that you can recreate at home, thereby reducing cost, but still allowing you to radiate the “I’ve just returned from the salon” glow! Lots of information is available online on how to create a home spa. There are also plenty of treatment “recipes” that use natural ingredients.

Deep Hair Conditioning

There are plenty of deep conditioning hair treatments available to buy on the market and they are all suitable for using at home. Try to use weekly and don’t scrimp on the time you leave the conditioner on for. Relax in a lovely warm bath whilst it’s working and you will be able to maintain lovely, moisturised tresses, just as easily as if you’d had a conditioning treatment at the salon.

You can even make your own deep hair conditioning treatments out of avocado and banana amongst other household products. The benefits of which are that homemade is cheaper, but also natural.


Manicures can be easily done at home. Remove old nail polish and apply a manicure cream. Allow your hands to soak in a bowlful of warm water, to soften your hands and cuticles. Shape your nails according to taste and then apply polish. With any extra cash saved you could maybe visit a salon for a new nail design such as MsMee's Stiletto Nails which will ensure you stay up to date with nail trends.

If you enjoy using natural products in your beauty regime, lemons are great for brightening stained nails and cucumber has fantastic moisturising qualities.


A pedicure pretty much follows the same principles as for manicures. You may wish to concentrate on exfoliating a little more thoigh in order to remove had skin.

Natural products good for exfoliation include using brown sugar mixed with a little olive oil to scrub your feet, following soaking them in Epsom salts.


There is plenty of information available highlighting the benefits of introducing aromatherapy into your life. Different oils will have a different effect on your mood and body. There are oils specifically for relaxation, oils for energising and oils for alleviating cold symptoms. Before using them, read carefully on how to dilute the oils to safe levels as they can be very potent.

You may wish to add aromatherapy oils to your bath and relax, or you may wish to make massage oils containing specific oils according to how you would like to feel.

This is just a small example of spa treatments you can create at home, there are many more. Although you won’t have the pleasure of someone else administering the treatments, you will still feel the benefits, as will your bank account! You could have a spa evening with friends to create a social event. Also some spa therapists are mobile and can visit you in your own home, you could club together with your friends to make the treatments more affordable as well as have an enjoyable evening.

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