Could You Be Eating Healthier Meals?

Could You Be Eating Healthier Meals?


Being healthy is something that we all strive for, but sadly, many of us struggle to perfect the art of. While we might think that we're healthy, the truth is that many of us are eating foods that aren’t good for us, and we don’t even realize it.

Do you strive to be as healthy as possible when it comes to food? Here’s what you need to do:


Don’t buy low-fat foods


You might be thinking that we’ve lost it, but hear us out on this. While low-fat foods are lower in fat and calories - obviously, they’re not good for you. To make low-fat foods taste good, they’re packed with all sorts of unhealthy substances. These include cancer-causing sweeteners and chemical flavor enhancers.


Instead of buying low-fat foods, you have two options. One, eat their full-fat counterparts in moderation, or two, make your food yourself. By making your food yourself, you can make it low-fat but without adding in any flavour enhancers or nasty sweeteners. Yes, it might take more effort and cost a little more to make things yourself, but can you really put a price on your health?


Think about how you cook


The key to success with healthy eating is being careful about how you cook. Many of us make the mistake of frying foods in lashings of butter or oil, adding hundreds of calories to them. When it comes to how you cook food, it’s important to think carefully about what you use. Do you need to add wine to your food? Yes, it adds flavour, but is it necessary? Is extra butter needed? Do you need to add cheese on top of every meal?


As well as thinking about the foods you add to your meals, it’s also important to think about the equipment that you use to cook. They’re no debating it; fried food is quick and delicious, but seriously unhealthy. The good news is, however, there’s a new, healthy way of frying, it’s called air frying. If you love fried food but hate the calories, invest in an air fryer - it will change the way that you cook. For all the best air fryers, check out For frying in a pan, invest in a ceramic pan and dry fry foods, instead of using oil or butter. Make these small changes, and you can give your health a boost.

Bulk meals out with veggies and whole grains


To be healthier, you need to reduce your snacking and rely on your main meals to fill you up. To make your meals more filling, add lots of veggies and whole grains to help bulk dishes out.


With stew instead of serving mashed potato, serve rice or pearl barley. Have a chicken breast with a side of vegetable risotto to help bulk the meal out. With soup, serve pasta instead of bread. These small changes help to make your food more filling, as well as healthier.

Want to be healthier? Then make sure to take note of these useful tips for making healthier and more filling meals.

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