Growing Up Italian-American: The Ups and Downs

Growing Up Italian-American: The Ups and Downs

Growing up as an Italian-American is a truly wonderful experience. And, let's just say, pasta is pretty much the best food. Ever.

If you had the common Italian-American childhood, then you may have had these experiences on your journey to adulthood

1. Whenever you had friends over, they were asked at least six times if they were hungry.


2. Your holiday dinners were definitely different than everyone else's.

3. Your mom and Nonna find it difficult to sit down with the rest of the family...

4. Christmas wasn't Christmas without pignoli and anginetti!

5. Leftovers were stored in these awesome things:

6. You learned how to use one of these:

7. You've had to explain more than once that the 'Jersey Shore' castmates are not accurate representations of Italian-Americans


8. Good luck with that "diet."

9. You talk with 20% words and 80% hands.

10. You know that it takes 10 minutes or more to say goodbye to a family member.

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