When You Should Say "Yes"

When You Should Say "Yes"


Sometimes a man will propose to you because he is head over heels in love. However, that doesn’t always mean he’s thinking straight, and so you don’t want to say yes in every circumstance. You need to know the guy has thought long and hard about the decision. You also need to know everything is in place for you to have a great life together. With that in mind, we wanted to make things easier for you by providing a simple checklist. So long as all the following criteria are met, yes might be the right answer.

When your families are close

In an ideal world, your man and his family would make the effort to spend time with yours. You will go for meals together, discuss plans for the future, and hopefully gain approval. Don’t say yes to getting married if the guy hasn’t bothered to meet your parents. It could be because he’s not 100% committed to the relationship. He might think that he wants you forever, but lust is a dangerous thing. It might be possible that he is simply infatuated and not thinking straight. So, you need to exercise some restraint.

When you’re sure he loves you

It should be easy to tell if a man loves you with all his heart. The signs are clear. You just need to look into his eyes when you are alone together. Also, judge him by his actions when it comes to caring for you. Does he open doors, carry heavy bags, and make sure you never have to strain? Does he buy you little gifts just to see the smile on your face? Then you could be seeing a man who wants nothing more than to be with you for the rest of his life. Say yes because otherwise you might hurt him, and he might move onto someone else. You have to hang onto the good on’s girls.

When he buys an amazing engagement ring

When a man gets down on one knee holding the most beautiful engagement ring you’ve ever seen, you should hang on with both hands. It says at designer engagement rings are always the best option. Presuming your man has bothered to research the subject, he obviously put a lot of thought into getting you the perfect band. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which stones he might have selected. Diamonds are very expensive, and that is not a measure of love. So long as you can tell he’s put effort into the purchase, that’s always a good sign.

You should now have a good idea of how to say yes at the right time. However, you also need to learn how to say no. At some point in your life, you might get asked to marry the wrong person. Don’t make the mistake of agreeing unless you are 100% confident. It could ruin your life, and it could make you miserable in the process. Whatever you decide to do, don’t stress about it too much. The right guy is out there somewhere, even if you’re not with him today. Just remember to remain patient, and always keep a smile on your face. You never know when the right man might glance across the room. A smile on your face will always make you look more attractive to the ideal guy. 

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