How to Say 'No'

How to Say 'No'

Let me tell you a story of a girl who couldn't say no. She couldn't say no to friend when they asked her to go to a movie of a party.  She didn't say no to crazy fun ideas the family had and to extracellular activities. At the end of it all she couldn't say yes to anything, she was also very stressed and everything that she wanted to do wasn't getting done.

This is a true story and it's mine. I had a problem with not being able to say no to anyone. If you asked me to move the world for you I would. The problem was- I felt so run down and stressed. I couldn't find enough time in the day to do important things, like homework. This is when I learned how to say no.

Stretching yourself too thin

It sounds so terrible to say no, but by learning to say no, you learn how to say yes in a bigger way. I was stretched so thin when I had to say yes to everything, I felt I did nothing 100 percent. By saying no, and yes only to a few things, it allowed me to give my 100 percent to the few things I did say yes to.

How to say no

How do you say no, though? It's not a good idea to go about offending everyone with condescending no's. What works for me is having a schedule. If I am already busy that day, I will have to say no. Tell the person you're saying no to why you are saying no, whether you have something else planned or if you need to have a little alone time. They are guaranteed to believe you and keep inviting you to things if you explain the truth.               

Having time for yourself    

Having time to yourself is pivotal for your stress levels and overall happiness. Even if it's for twenty minutes. Learning how to say no, can allow you time to distress so you are ready for another busy day.

Saying no is the best thing I have ever done. It allows me to do things at the level of 100 percent. It also allows me time to myself to de-stress, which I need.

Learning how to say no, today, can change your life tomorrow.

Remember to be honest with the person you are saying no to. They will understand what it feels like not to want to be stretched so thin. So go and say no.

Sierra Bruggink lives in Ogden Valley Utah, and currently attends Weber High School as a Junior. She loves hiking, biking, photography, writing, reading, baking, and acting. She is addicted to tea, and will often have more than three cups a day. She loves traveling and can't think of anything better than meeting new people and eating new food in a strange place.

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