Adjusting Your Habits Will Change Your Life For The Better

Adjusting Your Habits Will Change Your Life For The Better

The dictionary determines a habit to be a 'settled or regular tendency or practice, particularly one that is hard to give up'. Realizing the power of your habits and how they control your everyday life, from going to bed late each night and eating junk food. To your practice of canceling social events or leaving your work projects until the last minute. These practices have ever so gradually become ingrained in your everyday life and could be holding you back from a better life. 

To an extent, they can be related to copying your parent's or friends' habits or developing your own rituals. In other circumstances, your habit of smoking and drinking might be something you routinely turn to once your mental health begins to plummet. To prevent bad habits from leading your life, you must make a conscious effort to make a few positive steps.

Pinpoint Your Habits

You probably already have something you do regularly that is preventing you reach your true potential. It could be damaging your health or stopping you from being in a healthy relationship. So first of all, it's important to pinpoint and write down what you think your bad habits might be.

Seek Help

Depending on the severity of your habit, it's always best to seek help and support from medical professionals, dbt counseling services and family and friends. This is so they are aware of your circumstances and can offer you guidance and support as you begin to make a change in your life for the better.

One At A Time

Rushing into change all of your bad habits at once shall be difficult to sustain for a long duration. And so, it's best if you can attempt to focus on making one change at a time. Choose the habit that you think has the most significant impact on your life at the moment, and work on this first.

Alter Your Behavior

Changing your behavior at first will take a tremendous conscious effort. Your habits are more than likely so ingrained in your life that you do most of them on auto-pilot. Whether binge drinking on a work night or forgetting to lock the doors on your home each time you leave your home. To change the pattern that leads up to your habit, you may want to think about the trigger. Is it stress, a negative comment, or your time of the month that causes you to go on and make the habit that sets you back further in life? If so, when you feel a trigger point emerging, change your usual actions to something more positive. Instead of resorting to something harmful habit, do something distracting, all-consuming and/or rewarding. For example, you could occupy yourself with jobs that need fixing around the home, rather than comparing your life to others on Instagram. Or pick up a lolly instead of a cigarette. 

Eventually, when you begin to alter your habits, you will start to lead a more fulfilling life in line with your values. And the process of creating new good habits shall begin to spill over in all aspects of your life.

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