Be The Change For Better Health

Be The Change For Better Health

We all know that a little extra exercise, a little extra movement in our day can help out both our mental and physical health.

But while we can work harder to fit that into our own lives, how we can help encourage our children to get involved in sports or to find some movement that they love?  In this blog we explore family health and how to get everyone on board with a healthier lifestyle.

Be The Change

It’s a phrase you hear thrown around but nevertheless it holds true. Who do your children see when they’re looking at you? Perhaps they see a hardworking parent who has little time to do anything else other than put in the hours at the office and collapse at home after a long day at work.

When you don’t prioritise your own health, how can you expect your children to do the same? It’s time to make the changes that you need to become a great role model. This doesn’t just benefit them but will help you carve out some much needed time for yourself and your health needs. Show them your love or running, walking or cycling and you won’t regret it.

Get Involved

Has the school been asking for volunteers or your child’s little league team put out a call for help? It’s time to step up. When you’re a busy working parent it can feel next to impossible to support your child’s school  but if you can find an evening or weekend morning to get involved the results are going to be noticeable.

Your child will thrive on the encouragement you offer. They’ll be proud to show you what they can do and you too will see the benefits. That parental pride you feel watching your child give their all, your chance to role model good sportsmanship and be an inspiration to your child and their teammates.

The school or team too will get the advantage of another pair of hands. Someone to help get the team ready, help with re-laying the Basketball Court Stencils or handing out drinks during breaks in play.

Finally, you have the chance to really feel involved in your child’s life to get to know them more and go through the highs and lows of winning and losing is invaluable. They’ll be far more likely to stick with sports and love being active with you by their side.

The pressure to be the perfect parent is real. Encouraging an active lifestyle should be far more than parenting pressure. It should be something you do to make your own health a priority and to put yourself first for a change.

Find something you love, get involved in your child’s sporting interests and see your family grow and thrive. You won’t regret spending the time and effort on changing your family priorities. Get out together, go for a bike ride or a walk and feel better connected, better mentally and better physically.

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