The Wedding Missteps That Will Frustrate Your Guests

The Wedding Missteps That Will Frustrate Your Guests

Your wedding day: Probably one of the most exciting days of your life.

It will be an exciting day for your guests too, because not only will they be thrilled about your getting hitched, but they will also be looking forward to having a good time.

Let merriment commence...or perhaps not!

While you will be busy celebrating your first steps into married life, you might have taken a few missteps within your planning that are guaranteed to frustrate your guests on your big day.

We are talking about missteps such as these.

#1: Booking your wedding on the same day as another event

You might book your wedding on the same day as a mutual friend, so your guests will be torn between your wedding and that of the other person. Or you might book your wedding on the same day as a sporting event that many of your guests will be desperate to see, be that live or on the television screen. And there might be other events that are special to your guests. So, not only might you have fewer people attending than you had originally planned, but you might also have guests coming to your wedding fuming with resentment!

Tip: While you can't avoid every event your guests are interested in, you should still consider what might be happening during the year, and make an effort to book your wedding on a free day. You are less likely to frustrate your guests this way.

#2: Hiring a cramped venue

Your venue needs to accommodate all of your guests, so this is something you need to consider well in advance when deciding on your guest list. However, some venues promise to have the space available, and while they might have enough seats for everybody, there might not be a lot of space for a little bit of solitude for those guests needing to take time out. There might not be a lot of space for dancing either, or for the expected queues to the food tables. Feeling crowded, your guests are going to feel very uncomfortable. 

Tip: Always visit the venue before booking it. There are some fabulous places to choose from, including the very spacious Mint Springs Farm which recently piqued our interest. There are also some less than decent venues that might be smaller than expected. By taking time out to visit, you will be able to make an informed choice.

#3: Forgetting the fun factor

You might be so focussed on your wedding day, that you might forget the thing that matters to your guests the most (well, other than seeing your happy face). We are talking about fun, as your guests will be less than impressed if the day borders on dullsville. They have made an effort to be with you, so you do need to give this aspect some thought, despite your head being in a spin at the prospect of getting married.

Tip: Take a look at our fun wedding day tips. With our ideas, your guests won't be tempted to leave early with whatever excuses they can drum up to not hurt your feelings. Hire entertainment too, be that a magician to perform during the reception, or a live band to maximize the party atmosphere. You'll have fun; your guests will have fun! Result!!

Thanks for reading, and if you are getting married soon, we hope you (and your guests) have a fabulous day!

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