Why Fall is the Best Season

Why Fall is the Best Season

Summer is coming to an end very soon;  kids are heading back to school and leaves are changing colors. Hot summer days turn into cool autumn days as people prepare to   break out into their boots and sweaters . Some are already getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving, especially since stores have begun selling decorations. As the weather cools down for the next few months, here are several reasons why fall is the best season out of all the others. .

1. Cooler weather

At this point, most of us are probably tired of being hot and sweaty through endless days of sunshine.. When the weather starts to cool down a bit, we  don’t sweat as much and actually enjoy being outside without feeling hot and tired. I am usually outside more often when the weather is cooler, which makes it easier to enjoy!

2. Leaves changing colors

Leaves changing colors is a fascinating sight to see during the fall. Walking through a trail of them feels like you just entered a brand new world. When I usually walk around my college  campus in the fall, I always see a path of colorful leaves lying around. The trees also change shades and are full of bright orange, red, and yellow leaves. The sight of these trees always makes me feel positive and ready to take on what I then know  will be a good day. 

3. Fall outfits

Put away your shorts and tank tops!  Break out into your sweaters, jackets, and boots! One of the best parts of fall is getting to wear your favorite pair of leggings with your cute oversized  sweater. Plus, by layering your clothes, you can easily get more creative with your fall outfits!. I like to wear my sweaters with scarves and pair them with either jeans or leggings, and a pair of cute winter boots.

4. Halloween

I consider Halloween to be one of my favorite holidays.  It is a good excuse to dress up in whatever you want, collecting candy for free. Plus, stores like Target and Walmart sell Halloween decorations and merchandise by the end of summer, which gets people excited for Halloween. Halloween is probably one of the key reasons people love fall. It gets all of us pumped for scary Halloween movie marathons, wacky and fun costumes, and endless sweet treats.

5. Thanksgiving

Another holiday in the fall that people love is Thanksgiving! It is the perfect time to get together with family and enjoy the togetherness and festive joy. It is also the holiday of gratitude, of recognizing what you’re thankful for in your life, and of appreciating all your blessings. Gratitude, family, a big feast of roast turkey and mashed potatoes - what more could you ask for!

6. Hot drinks

Pumpkin spice latte, anyone? Chillier weather provides for a fantastic excuse to, order hot drinks from your favorite local coffee shop!. I usually like to order a hot chocolate on a cool fall day,  sit outside, and enjoy my drink while doing my work. Of course, you can still order your favorite iced coffee if you so desire. But a hot drink on a chilly day is a little gift worth giving yourself!

7. Back to school

Last but not the least; fall also happens to be a favorite because it marks the back to school season. While some students might get excited about going back to school,  others might dread it a bit. Nonetheless, when back to school sales start at stores, and back to school commercials start to play; there is subtle excitement in the air that marks the beginning of fall, a new school season, and new memories to be made with friends!  Back to school and the start of fall is a sign of a new year for everyone ready to embark on.

Fall is about to dawn upon us soon and I cannot wait! I hope you all are just as excited  I am, if not more. Summer is dying down and I am so ready for cooler weather, hot drinks, and leaves to change colors. Cheers to the end of summer and the start of fall!

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