Exotic Fruit: Let The Creative Juices Flow

Exotic Fruit: Let The Creative Juices Flow

We all know how important a broad spectrum of nutrients is in our diet, and we tend to do our best to get it. Even if we would rather be eating something less "worthy," we appreciate the benefits of eating and drinking right.

Having said that, we all know the complaints that arise when a friend, or indeed we ourselves, embark on a healthy diet. "I know it's good for me," we say, "but do you know the main problem? It's boring!".

Although it sounds like a minor quibble, there is truth in it. While you know you need to get fruit in your diet, it can feel like you run out of variety very early on. Apples, oranges, bananas. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, maybe some pineapple or mango slices or watermelon. It's not necessarily enthralling, is it?

Expanding your horizons is always a worthwhile idea where healthy eating is concerned. Everyone likes to travel, and we all appreciate the chance to try different cuisines. So why not try out some of the world's more exotic fruits, and see the health benefits they bring?

Africa: An Endless Variety Of New Options

The sunny climate of Africa has given rise to a range of fruits that find their way to our stores each and every day. We are familiar with many of the native products of the continent, but there are more still we are unfamiliar with.

For example, the Imbe fruit. Close reading about this will teach you that the sap of the tree is used as a poison for arrows, but the fruit is sweet and juicy. Alternatively, the Mobola plum is an excellent option for juicer users. Although known by many as the "Gingerbread plum," it has the texture of an apple and the taste of strawberries.

Asia: Twists On Familiar Fruits

Most of us would recognize a lychee if we saw it in a fruit bowl, and it is one of the more popular fruits from Asia. But if you're looking to broaden your horizons there are plenty ideas to try out beyond that.

For example, the Rambutan, similar in taste to the lychee, is a perfect option for juicing. Visually arresting, once you get past the brightly-colored covering it is a sticky fruit which may be best juiced. If you want a less-strong taste and a range of health benefits, then the Dragon fruit, a popular digestive aid, might be of interest.


South America: A Smorgasbord Of Different Tastes

When choosing fruit from this part of the world, a sound piece of advice is to go as exotic as possible. South American apples and oranges are rarely, if ever, better than what's grown in the US. However, when you get a bit braver, you will be well rewarded.

The astounding Cherimoya, when cut open, will be soft to the point of falling out of its skin if ripe. The taste is like a cross between pear and pineapple. If you're a fan of smoothies and milkshakes, then try Nispero (also known as Loquat) instead. The closest comparison to it in taste is something like a Granny Smith apple. However, that does not do justice to the smooth sweetness it provides.

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