Travel Ladybugs: 5 Non-Touristy Things to do in Delhi

Travel Ladybugs: 5 Non-Touristy Things to do in Delhi

by Anjali Patel


This article is part of a new Her Culture column series called "Travel Ladybugs," which gives insider tips about locations around the world, including little-known restaurants, historical sites, beautiful landscapes, and more. 


Delhi is a major territory located in the northern part of India. Aside from the typical tourist attractions including the Lotus Temple and The Red Fort (which by the way are still amazing historical sites to visit), this district offers more than what the first page of Google Images shows. Here are five underrated places to visit when you plan your next trip to Delhi! 


Southex Books & Prints

If you hold a deep interest in history, visiting this bookstore will give you the opportunity to delve into a different time period. This store contains books and old maps that are normally difficult to find. Famous museums are certainly not the only places you can visit to get a taste of India’s rich historical background.


Rural Village Tour

When many individuals travel to Delhi or any part of India for tourism purposes, the primary focus tends to be on viewing the intricate architecture. However, the way many villagers live in India reflect a sense of tranquility that anyone can appreciate. Even in this is massive world of globalization where technology such as the internet has seemed to shrink the world, it is important to acknowledge the individuals who still reside without smartphones and air conditioning. Shikhar Travels allows you to take a tour to the rural side and learn about the community’s lifestyle and customs that have long prevailed.


Delhi Blue Pottery Trust

If you have a particular fondness for art and the world of aesthetically pleasing décor, you should visit the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust. This school allows their students to create pottery pieces at the school. According to their website, the school has exhibitions throughout the year showcasing the students’ work. What better way to appreciate India’s art than admiring the work of rising artisans? You should contact the school if you’re interested in visiting or want to view one of their exhibitions.


Rikhi Ram Musical instrument manufacturing co.

Going to local shops during your travels can really bring you close to the hearts of the denizens. There is a tremendous amount of passion exhibited through the merchandise the owners are offering. There is a large personal touch to all of the products. This shop has several traditional instruments for sale. During your visit, you may even meet the owner or sales associate and learn a little something extra about Delhi’s musical scene.


Khari Baoli

Experience India’s best spices as you stroll down this street. A wide array of seasonings that you probably didn’t know even existed are sold on this bustling road. The rich colors and flavors will leave you speechless as you capture a glimpse of Delhi’s culinary practices.


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