Safe Travels

Safe Travels

Life is hard for everyone. It would be even more difficult if you had to undergo the everyday obstacles in a hostile environment. No, not hostile in the Mean-Girls way. Hostile in the unstable-government-causes-terrorism-massacres-and-crime way. In order to avoid this, families and individuals scout out the safest places to live. I have compiled a list of the safest countries in the world. How did I determine these countries? I used the Global Peace Index, which is a measure of the “relative position of nations’ and regions’ peacefulness”. They have the lowest crime rates and cases of corruption. While the safety of these destinations is relative, the Global Peace Index is fairly accurate, as a committee of experts devised it. Those can typically by trusted.  


The land of ice has bewilderingly low crime rates. In 2009, the homicide count for Brazil was 43,909. For Iceland, it was 1. There is very little difference between upper, middle and lower classes. The divide between social classes and the tension it provides is a primary cause for violence and instability, but in Iceland this conflict is non-existent. Along with this, the country has great scenery and an amazing culture. It has consistently ranked as #1 most peaceful country in the Global Peace Index since 2008. Bravo, Iceland!


Japan is a very traditional, well-educated country. They have managed to simultaneously keep their culture alive while adjusting to the modern world and adopting habits from other nations. It provides a peaceful environment to live in and travel in. Although it has not always been the most stable place, since the mid-20th century, Japan has taken large steps in reforming their policies. Strict laws allow little room for crime. The country has incredible sights and was dubbed the “happiest country in Asia”. Hooray!


There are more sheep than humans in Ireland. There are around 171 people per square mile, which makes is a considerably quiet island. The nation has many historical sites and reportedly friendly people making it a pleasant place. Soaring landscapes and extravagant castles are commonplace in Ireland.


An alarmingly small percentage of the population of New Zealand is in prison. They have restricted military ability, which forces them to forge close relations with other countries, such as Australia. The natural beauty and diverse population are all a part of New Zealand. The scenery ranges from sandy beaches to icy glaciers. It is certainly the most peaceful country in the Asia Pacific region and has consistently ranked as one of the best countries to live in.


Switzerland has always been a neutral country and has somehow managed to remain an island- when in fact it is not- in the middle of the constantly quarreling European nations. It has a well-run government and welcoming culture. Switzerland has the lowest score for political instability, which automatically ranks it as a peaceful country. Switzerland also contains beautiful scenery, people and allows for a healthy lifestyle. 

Anna Wan attends high school on the East Coast. She is active in science, and her projects have earned recognition regionally and statewide. She enjoys playing the piano and the cello. Along with these activities, she takes great pleasure in volunteering at museums and libraries. She loves travelling and exploring new places. She is involved in her school’s mock trial team and French club.

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