Sisters of the World

Sisters of the World

We are hybrid of the worlds

We are the world, and the world is us

We are not one heritage, but a living history

For all to see

We are African, brave and strong

Rising above the frictions of the world

We are Asian, valiant and true

With gems of courage embroidering our exquisite crown

We are the heart of España

The lungs of America

The wings of Guatemala

The soul of the world

We are not yellow

We are not red

We are not white

We are not black

But we are the rainbows of the world painted on to the embodiment

Of our being

We are sisters of the world, brave and just

From New York City to New Delhi

We are one

We are all.

Julia Schemmer, 16, lives in "Horsetown U.S.A" where she participates in several AP courses, nineteen clubs, musical theater and active community service. She loves Jesus, coffee, classic literature, and life in general. After high school, she wants to pursue being an international human rights lawyer.

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