Mother's day came and went. However, the gift you bought the day of, could never possibly repay mom, for everything she did for you. She gave you life and that's priceless. In honor of Mother's Day I interviewed the best mother I know (I might be a little biased). Here is my Mom's perspective on Motherhood.  

Q: Did you always know you were meant to be a mother?

A: Yes, I’ve always enjoyed children. When I was growing up I always said I wanted ten children, my mom was always worried because I never said I wanted a husband.

Q: What's your least favorite thing about being a mother?

A: Taking care of sick children, because you feel sad for them, I don’t know how to make them feel better.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a mother?

A: I love hugs. I love being able to read to my child or with my children and as they grew older just to share books. I love to see my children grow and become beautiful women. I love teaching my children new things. I love sharing the outdoors with my children and teaching them how to take care of the earth. I love doing things with my children, taking them to plays, concerts, museums and festivals. I love being able to share my faith.

Q: Describe the moments in the hospital when you got to hold your first baby for the first time (my sister)?

A: I was just totally amazed because you know there is a God, because this amazing human being just came from your body. You feel scared because you now have to take care of this little baby. You are so filled with love.

Q: How did being a mother change you?

A: It has helped me to always grow and to change and to learn more.

Q: Would you become a mother all over again, if you had it to do over?

A: Absolutely, it is the most important thing that I’ve done. 

Sierra Bruggink lives in Ogden Valley Utah, and currently attends Weber High School as a Junior. She loves hiking, biking, photography, writing, reading, baking, and acting. She is addicted to tea, and will often have more than three cups a day. She loves traveling and can't think of anything better than meeting new people and eating new food in a strange place.

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